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Thursday 31 December 2009

Sign Language; Deciphered - Red, White & Blue

This edition of Sign Language; Deciphered turns its attention to the New World Order's tribute to its forefathers via usage of a particular colour combination within their various emblems, thus revealing the hidden message that they are the ruling force over the masses; with intent of having every aspect of living in their total control. In this case, the colour combination is that of using red, white and blue.

The red-white-blue combination can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and shown by the crown of the Pharaoh ruling the land at that time. The crown was initially of two separate reigns - the white crown of Hedjet, and the red crown of Deshret (representing Upper and Lower Egypt respectively). These crowns were consolidated into one; the crown of Pschent (pictured right with the idol deity Horus wearing it), when Egypt was unified circa 3150 by King Menes. The blue crown was used at significant occasions; most often during events of battle and war; thus the Pharaoh wearing it as an alpha-sign of deity-like status. More info on the crowns of Egypt can be seen here.

This is not to suggest that every institution that uses the red-white-blue combination in their logo has a direct link into the NWO agenda; but if you do happen to notice an icon that uses this structure, have a look into the entity's reason(s) for existence, the owners/ backers behind it, or into the industry in which its placed and you may find out that it could well pay allegiance to the Luciferian capitalists in the race for global dominance.

The above sports logos are an example of indirect connections to the NWO' plan. Although its debatable as to whether bodies such as the NFL and the the English Premier League are institutionally corrupt; what's more important is to look into the reason behind the existence of these sports leagues. As Alex Jones' latest documentary Fall of the Republic; The Presidency of Barack Obama exposes - the emergence of adult sports as a favourable form of entertainment is to act as a distraction; so strong that it has the hypnotised and visually engaged population clueless and uninterested as to the laws that are being passed by their political representitives (this referenced segment can be seen here).

Our civil freedoms and liberties are gradually being taken away from us - but hey, as long as Michael Owen got that injury-time winner over City then we'll all be living happily ever after... And Yet They Deny.

Wednesday 30 December 2009

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #18

"And in whatsoever you differ, the decision thereof is with Allah (He is the ruling judge). (And say O Muhammad to these polytheists:) Such is Allah, my Lord in Whom I put my trust, and to Him I turn (in all of my affairs and) in repentance.
The Creator of the heavens and the earth. He has made for you mates from yourselves, and for the cattle (also) mates. By this means He creates you (in the wombs). There is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer."

(Surah 41: Ash-Shura (The Consultation); verses 10-11)

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #17

"O mankind! Be afraid of your Lord (by keeping your duty to Him and avoiding all evil), and fear a Day when no father can avail aught for his son nor a son avail aught for his father. Verily, the Promise of Allah is true, let not then this (worldly) present life deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allah.
Verily Allah, with Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allah is All-Knower, All-Acquainted (with things)."

(Surah 31: Luqman; verses 33-34)

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #16

"Whoever desires the quick-passing (transitory enjoyment of this world), We readily grant him what We will for whom We like. Then, afterwards, We have appointed for him Hell; he will burn therein disgraced and rejected (far away from Allah's mercy).
And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it, with the necessary effort due for it (i.e. does righteous deeds of Allah's obedience) while he is a believer (in the Oneness of Allah - Islamic Monotheism) - then such are the ones whose striving shall be appreciated (thanked and rewarded by Allah).


And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.
And lower to them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: "My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young."
Your Lord knows best what is in your inner-selves. If you are righteous, then, verily, He is Ever Most Forgiving to those who turn to Him again and again in obedience, and in repentance."

(Surah 17: Al-Isra (The Journey by Night); verses 18-19 - 23-25)

Monday 21 December 2009

Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) - "Illuminati"

From the album H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 - Out now.

Alex Jones Breaks Down Obama's Copenhagen Speech (Part 1 of 3)

Below is an excellent deconstruction by Alex Jones of US President Barack Obama's speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the speech in Obama is pushing forward the argument that the amounts of carbon that we as humans produce is the main factor behind the change of the planet's environment - in particular that our carbon emissions are causing more natural disasters to occur and more unbalanced weather cycles. He says that it is scientifically proven that we are the primary cause of climate change, and that the UN is ready to undertake plans to save Mother Nature before its too late.

Underlying what the UN wants to do is to introduce a taxation of carbon emissions - this will dramatically effect us all as carbon is embedded in everything we do to survive. From the food we eat, to the transportation we use, to the energy we use to heat up our homes and power our domestic appliances - the NWO-created UN is seeking to further loot the people, for literally living. If they could find a feasible way to get us to be taxed on breathing out the carbon dioxide we emit they'd be working overtime to get the measures into place as soon as possible.

In brief; the Sun goes through natural cycles in its life where it radiates more or less sunlight and heat thus effecting the climate differences we experience. Yes; what we do does play a part but its truly insignificant compared to the participation of the Sun. Think about this - what would the Earth better cope without; humans or the SUN? Rather than tell the truth of the Sun being the real reason behind climate change, the NWO is using the environmental arm of its arsenal to further its agenda of ruling the world and totally controlling everything that happens within it.

The remaining parts of this exercise can be seen on Alex Jones' Youtube page - but for now enjoy this first part teaser, here at AYTD.

Friday 18 December 2009

Is the ITV Network Promoting Promiscuity?

"Mister Eleven" is a two-part romantic drama starring Michelle Ryan (Zoe Slater from Eastenders; Bionic Woman fame) who plays as Saz Paley; a woman obsessed with getting hitched to the man of her dreams. She's heard of a particular statistic in which the average UK woman marries the eleventh man she's slept with. She has intentions of marrying Dan, thinking that he's her "magical" 11th conquest - but Dan reveals to Saz on their wedding day that they didn't actually do the deed - but rather that Saz passed out on the night of the supposed event.

The concluding part of Mister Eleven is broadcast tonight at the post-watershed time of 9pm on ITV1; ensuring the channel's responsible attitude to broadcasting adult content at an appropriate time; yeah... Oh Dear.

And Yet They Deny.

“A-Ok” Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

The “a-ok” hand sign commonly signifies approbation or appreciation. Like many other signs, it has a deeper, darker meaning in occult circles. Widely unnoticed, the hand sign is flashed by many major artists of the music industry. What does it really signify? We’ll look at the occult meaning of a-ok and recent artists who have used it.

leadaok A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

We all know about the “devil’s horn” hand sign popularized by rock groups. Not many however realize that the “a-ok” sign, flashed as if it was a gang sign (well it is used by gangs but that’s not the topic here), has another meaning than simply “this is OK“. Due to the context of its usage, and often combined with other occult symbols, the a-ok seems to be is a sign of occult initiation in the music industry. They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll let the pictures do the talking .

What Does the “A-Ok” Sign Mean?

Hand signs have different meanings when found in different cultures. In America and most of Europe, the a-ok is used to signify approbation, satisfaction or excellence. In other countries, it is often considered obscene or a reference to the a-hole. It however carries a deeper meaning when one looks into occult symbolism.

“Westerner’s know it as the “okay” (or “OK”) sign. It’s done with the fingers and thumb of right or left hands (usually the right). Simply touch the index finger to the thumb, creating a circle. The other three fingers then spiral off and there you have it—the well-known symbol for OK. Universally, this sign means alright, acceptable, good, right-on, you bet!, A-OK, satisfactory…

But to occultists, the OK sign takes on darker significance. First, we have the circle, indicating the sun deity and the Mason’s never-ending quest for more light. To Freemasonry, the circle also represents the female genitalia, or yoni. In the Hindu religion, the OK sign is a revered mudra (sacred gesture) meaning “infinity” or perfection. It is associated with the female genitalia — thumb and forefinger pressed together at the tips with the other three fingers extended.

In the practice of tantric yoga (sex rituals), the OK sign is a token of ecstasy, spiritual and physical. In ancient Sumeria and Persia, charms and amulets have been discovered of fingers and hands in the modern OK position, joined along with horns implying fertility. The three fingers extended outward are symbolic of ecstatic union with the Goddess, the third member of the pagan trinity.

In Satanism, when making this sign the three fingers not used to make the circle are considered symbolic of the unholy trinity — horned God, Goddess, and offspring (antichrist). Some go so far as to adopt the view that the bent three fingers are shaped as three number six’s, or 666. Thus, we have 666, the sun deity (Lucifer), the Goddess (Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots), and the beast (antichrist, 666), all in one unitary hand sign. Oh what a web of evil wicked men can weave around something seemingly so ordinary and mundane.

In the Illuminist philosophy, the OK sign becomes a sign indicating approval of the Divine King, their coming Lord of Light, whom we as Christians know as antichrist. To them it means, “He approves our undertaking.” This meaning is roughly equivalent to the words in Latin atop the all-seeing eye of Osiris on our U.S. one dollar bill—Annuit Coeptus”

- Texe Marrs, Codex Magica

Is Texe Marrs on to something here?

a ok6661 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

beatles satan signs A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
A-OK flashed by Paul Mccartney. The juxtaposition of the a-ok sign with Lennon’s “devil’s horn” hints to its hidden meaning.

Whatever is the meaning behind the a-ok sign, it is certainly widely used by stars of the music industry who have been associated with occult symbolism. Placed in the context of those music videos, the signal is rarely used as a sign of approbation but it is rather flashed in the same matter as a gang sign…a sign of initiation. Here are some examples from today’s biggest stars, in alphabetical order…Could this all be a coincidence?

aokbey2 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

aokbeyon A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
From Video Phone video featuring Lady Gaga

Justin Timberlake

aokjt A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
Featuring who?

Kid Cudi

okkidkud2 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
From Shakira featuring Kid Cudi Did it Again (remix) video
kidkud A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
From Pursuit of Hapiness video – Cudi and Drake flashing a-ok sign
kid cudi album cover A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
There is no a-ok sign in that image. This is however a good occasion to point out the obvious reference to mind control in Cudi’s album cover

Lady Gaga

She does it so often, I had to resort to a…MONTAGE!

46356619 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

gaga2 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
This picture was recently taken during a performance from her “Monster Ball” tour. Notice the back of her backup dancer’s vest: the Illuminati All-seeing Eye.

Lil Wayne

aokwayne2 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

aoklilwayne1 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
From Jay Sean’s Down video, which contains many other occult symbols


aokmadonna1 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
From Frozen, a deeply occult (kabbalistic) song


neyo11 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

neyo22 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

Who (or what) is he talking about in the song Closer?

Paramore+02a1 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

HayleyWilliams43 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?


aoktpain2 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

aoktpain A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

t pain3 A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
T-Pain’s album cover of Thr33 Ringz. What are ‘ringz’? The number 6?


shakiraaok A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?
In her Give it Up to Me video, Shakira poses as the Statue of Liberty, an Illuminist/Masonic sculpture. There is an emphasis on the Sun Goddess aspect of it, with rays beaming out of the sun crown. Oh, and she’s also flashing that a-ok sign.

To Conclude

It is possible that some of the images were mere coincidences. But can all of them be? I’ve chosen instances where the a-ok sign was clearly and consciously flashed by the artists for the cameras and is thus shown for a reason. Given the importance of hand signals in occult secret societies and considering the presence of other occult symbols in the videos of those stars, there is a good possibility of the use of that sign for its occult meaning. Is it a sign of the initiates in the “Illuminati” industry? Kinda gives another meaning to “Are you OK?”, doesn’t it?

Thanks to everybody who sent me a-ok images!

AYTD's "The Hit-List" Pt. 4

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (1942-present)

- 47th Vice President of the United States (2009-present)
- United States Senator for the state of Delaware (1973-2009)
- Chairman of the Senate Commitee on Foreign Relations
- Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations associate
- Strong Zionist sympathizer who recently told Rabbi Mark S. Golub of Shalom TV, “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

Timothy Franz Geithner (1961-present)

- United States Secretary of the Treasury (2009-present) (US version of the Chancellor of the Exchequer)
- President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2003-09)
- Plays a major part in the bail out and deals of major banks and financial organisations (by using US taxpayers' money) including Bear Stearns and AIG
- Affiliate to the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations amongst other NWO-created gangs

Rahm Israel Emanuel (1959-present)

- White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Hussein Obama (2009-present)
- Investment banker at WassersteinPerella & Co. (now known as Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein) (1998-2003)
- Dual US-Israeli citizen; staunch Zionist; heavily behind push for a US civilian army where members of the public can be lightly trained in civil enforcement but yet gain strong authoritative powers over the general public (much like traffic wardens now known as Civil Enforcement Officers and PCSO's)

James Logan Jones Jr. (1943-present)

- United States National Security Advisor (2009-present)
- Served for the United States of America Marine Corps (1967-97); being involved in both the Vietnam and Gulf Wars
- Elected to the Board of Directors to both Chevron and Boeing firms
- Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission member

Thursday 17 December 2009

Wudu/Ablution - Cleansing of the Body and Spirit: Islamic Purification

Wudu is essential before offering any of the obligatory prayers. This is done in 9 steps:

  1. Make the intention/blessing. Wash both hands three times.
  2. Rinse mouth with a handful of water 3 times.
  3. Sniff water into the nostrils 3 times.
  4. Wash face 3 times from right ear to left ear.
  5. Wash the right arm, then the left 3 times each.
  6. Wash over head from forehead to neck just once.
  7. Rub wet fingers into the grooves of the ears.
  8. Pass over nape of neck with wet hands.
  9. Wash both feet to the ankles 3 times.

Muslims do not have to re-make their wudu five times a day if they do not break their purification. This particular form of ablution can be preformed anywhere where there is clean water asnd does not necessitate a large quantity of water. At most mosques/masjids there is a wudu station that looks like a bench with a faucet and basin in front. However, wudu can be done at a sink, bathtub, or just with 1 cup of water, as the Prophet Muhammad had done on occasion, as not to waste water.

According to Sawar, acts that would break the purification are: going to the bathroom, passing gas, blood or pus flow from any part of the body, vomiting, and falling asleep.

How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry

At AYTD, we aim to expose those who have no right to try control us-so here is another video that who shed some 'light' on what the television is really used for-ENJOY

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Sign Language Deciphered; "The Rising Sun (Horus)"

In this part of the Sign Language series AYTD seeks to expose the occult (or "hidden") meanings behind one of the New World Order/ llluminati's most used logos - the "Rising Sun".

The symbolism behind this particular motif's usage derives back to Egyptian paganistic mythologies. Amongst they're worship of many false and manufactured gods there are levels and tiers in which some are regarded higher than others. Held within the prominence of these is Horus; the son of the trinity of deities (with the mother and father figures Isis and Osiris respectively completing the three). In brief, he was born miraculously after the murder of his father Osiris, and is the conqueror over his evil uncle Seth to become the new ruler of Egypt, the United Kingdom.

Horus has many visual interpretations - in the anthropomorphic/ physical way he has been depicted as to having the head of a falcon showing that he is "above all"; "the one on high". He is also represented as the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt; which faces the Sun when it rises. However it is his spiritual definition which is of most relation to this post, that of the rising Sun itself. Much like Horus' tenure as the new ruler of Egypt; it symbolises things to be afresh, the beginning of something new, a different way of life - "A new day".

It is this mentality that is driving the NWO/ Illuminati as they forge to forge their fascist and totalitarian way of being upon us all - a way in which the masses have absolutely no control over anything that they do. The way in which its slowly being inflicted on us is so subtle that many of us do not see it, and many of us have not resisted but in fact practically demanded that we adhere to our masters rules.

We've said it before we're saying it now and no doubt we'll be saying it over and over - the NWO may appear to be winning the battle but there will come a time (which we feel is very near) when Allah will put an end to it all, and on the Day of Resurrection every single living human being in history will stand up and be accounted for - then either Heaven or Hell will be your final resting place for eternity. Please choose the right path, the path of peace.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Modern Warfare 2? Commmme Blaaaaad - You Ain't Ready For... MODERN WARFARE 3 BRUV!

(Source: The Onion)

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Qur'an Quote" #15

"And worship your Lord until there comes to you the certainty (i.e. death)."

(Surah 15: Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract); verse 99)

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Qur'an Quote" #14

"Look not with your eyes ambitiously at what We have bestowed on certain classes of them (the disbelievers), nor grieve over them. And lower your wings for the believers (be courteous to the fellow believers)."

(Surah 15: Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract); verse 88)

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Qur'an Quote" #13b

"Iblis (Satan) said: "O my Lord! Give me respite till the Day they (the dead) will be resurrected."
Allah said: "Then verily, you are of those reprieved.
"Till the Day of the time appointed."
Iblis said: "O my Lord! Because You mislead me, I shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on the earth, and I shall mislead them all.
"Except your chosen (guided) slaves among them."
(Allah) said: "This is a way which will lead straight to Me."
"Certainly, you shall have no authority over My slaves, except those who follow you of the Ghawan (Mushrikun - pagans, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and of His Messenger Muhammad; and those who astray i.e. criminals, polytheists and evildoers).
"And surely, Hell is the promised place for them all.
"It (Hell) has seven gates, for each of those gates is a (special) class (of sinners) assigned.
"Truly, the Muttaqun (the pious) will be amidst Gardens and water springs (Paradise)"

(Surah 15: Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract); verses 39-45)

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Qur'an Quote" #13a

"And certainly We! We it is Who give life, and cause death, and We are the Inheritors.
And indeed, We know the first generations of you who had passed away, and indeed, We know the present generations of you (mankind), and also those who will come afterwards.
And verily, your Lord will gather them together. Truly, He is All-wise, All-knowing.
And indeed, We created man from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud.
And the jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire.
And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "I am going to create a man (Adam) from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud.
"So, when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him (Adam) the soul with which I created for him, then fall (you) down prostrating yourselves to him."
So the angels prostrated themselves all of them together.
Except Iblis (Satan) - he refused to be amongst the prostrators.
(Allah) said: "O Iblis! What is your reason for not being among the prostrators?"
Iblis said: "I am not the one to prostrate myself to a human being, whom You created from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud."
(Allah) said: "Then, get out from here, for verily, you are Rajim (an outcast or a cursed one)." (Tafsir At-Tabari)
And verily, the curse shall be upon you till the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)."

(Surah 15: Al-Hijr [The Rocky Tract]; verses 23-35)

Saturday 5 December 2009

Israel Turns Up The Heat To Evict Bedouin From Desert Lands

Israel Turns Up The Heat To Evict Bedouin From Desert Lands

Army’s West Bank tactics imported to Negev

August 26, 2009 "
Information Clearing House" -- The inhabitants of the Bedouin village of Amra have good reason to fear that the harsh tactics used by the Israeli army against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been imported to their small corner of Israel’s Negev desert.

Over the summer, the Tarabin tribe, all of them Israeli citizens, have had the sole access road to their homes sealed off, while the dirt track they must use instead is regularly blocked by temporary checkpoints at which their papers and vehicles are inspected at length.

Coils of razor wire encircle much of the village, and children as young as eight have been arrested in a series of night-time raids.

“Four-fifths of our youngsters now have files with the police and our drivers are being repeatedly fined for supposed traffic violations,” said Tulab Tarabin, one of Amra’s 400 Bedouin inhabitants. “Every time we are stopped, the police ask us: ‘Why don’t you leave?’”

Lawyers and human rights activists say a campaign of pressure is being organised against the Tarabin at the behest of a nearby Jewish community, Omer, which is determined to build a neighbourhood for Israeli army officers on the tribe’s land.

“The policy in Israel is that when Jews need land, the Bedouin must move – no matter how long they have been living in their homes or whether their communities predate Israel’s creation,” said Morad al Sana, a lawyer with the Adalah legal centre for Israel’s Arab minority. “The Tarabin’s crime is that they refuse to budge.”

The 180,000 Bedouin in the Negev have never been welcome, says Oren Yiftachel, a geographer at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheva. They are descendants of a few thousand who managed to avoid expulsion from the southern semi-desert region during the 1948 war that founded Israel.

Many of the surviving Bedouin, including the Tarabin, were forcibly relocated from their extensive ancestral lands in the 1950s to an area close to the Negev’s main city, Beersheva, Prof Yiftachel said. Israel declared the Bedouin lands as “state land” and established a series of overcrowded “townships” to house the tribes instead.

“The stated goal is one of ‘Judaisation’,” Prof Yiftachel added, referring to a long-standing policy of concentrating the rural Bedouin into urban reservations to free up land for Jewish settlement. About half of the Negev’s Bedouin, some 90,000, have refused to move.

According to a recent report from the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), the townships have “continuously ranked as the poorest, least developed and most crime-ridden towns in Israel”.

The refuseniks, such as the Tarabin, have faced unrelenting pressure to leave their 45 rural communities, none of which is recognised by the state. The villagers endure “third world conditions”, according to ACRI.

“The unrecognised villages are denied basic services to their homes, including water and electricity, and the villages themselves have no master plans,” Mr al Sana said.

As a result, he added, the villagers are forced to live in tin shacks and tents because concrete homes are invariably destroyed by the authorities. In the past two years, several shacks as well as the local kindergarten in Amra have been demolished.

The stark contrast between the dusty encampment of Amra and the green lawns and smart villas of Omer, only a stone’s throw away and the country’s third wealthiest community, is unsettling even for some of Omer’s 7,000 residents.

One, Yitzhak Nevo, a philosophy professor at Ben Gurion University and a leading activist with Dukium, a Negev coexistence group, said that, although the lands on which the Tarabin live fall under Omer’s jurisdiction, the Bedouin have been entirely excluded. “Even though they live within Omer’s municipal limits, their children get no education from us; our health clinic does not treat them; they are not hooked up to our water or electricity supplies and their refuse is not collected.”

He said Amra had been treated as nothing more than an eyesore until the mid-1990s when the powerful mayor, Pinhas Badash, decided that the Tarabin were both harming property values and obstructing the town’s expansion plans.

As Omer’s new neighbourhoods reached the limits of Amra, Mr Badash stepped up the pressure on the villagers to leave. A few years ago he pushed through the building of a new community for the Tarabin away from Omer. Two-thirds of the tribe relocated, while the remainder fought the attempted eviction through the courts.

“It was a very dirty business in which those in the tribe who left first were offered cheap land on which to build while the rest were threatened that they would be offered nothing,” Mr al Sana said.

Amra’s remaining Bedouin have found themselves surrounded by a tall wire fence to separate them from Omer. Two gates, ordered by the courts to ensure the Bedouin continued to have road access through the town, were sealed this year.

Since the beginning of the summer police patrol Amra’s side of the fence around the clock and the Tarabin report that a private security firm chases off any of them found inside Omer.

Nissim Nir, a spokesman for Mr Badash, denied that the Tarabin were being hounded. Omer made a generous offer to relocate them from their “illegal” site, he said.

Recently Mr Badash announced that thousands of acres around Omer would be forested with the intention of stopping the Bedouin from returning to the area once they had been evicted.

Mr Tarabin, 33, accused the police of being little more than hired hands carrying out Mr Badash’s plan.

“We are being suffocated. There are night-time searches of our homes using bogus pretexts, and arrests of young children. We are photographed and questioned as we go about our business. At the roadblocks they endlessly check cars entering and leaving, and fines are issued. No one visits us unless they have to, and we stay home unless we have to leave.”

He added: “Why is it so impossible for Omer to imagine allowing us to be a neighbourhood of the town?”

A report by Human Rights Watch last year severely criticised Israel’s treatment of the Bedouin.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

K' Naan - "Somalia"

From his sophomore album, Troubadour - out now.

Despite the NWO-engineered "divide and conquer"-based wars, heartache and despair that's rife throughout the country; there's still glimmers of creativity and hope bursting out of Somalia. Although now residing in Toronto, Canada; K' Naan is an excellent example to us all that whilst our hearts are still beating they can't shut us down - no matter how hard they try...

And Yet They Deny - bring it on.

Uniform For The Sheeple: Bounty Hunter Stadium Jacket

Source: Freshnessmag

Tuesday 1 December 2009

waguan blaad?! Where dya get dat kettle on ya wrist cuz??

Some of us have been brainwashed so badly by music, TV, magazines etc that even our use of language has some what deviated from the dictionary ‘ya get me blaad’?!

I have even caught myself doing it and wondered to myself…’what am I talking about’?

So here is a quick guide on how to sound stupid and what these stupid term mean (this set was taken from the essex model)

alma chizzit - A request to find the cost of an item

amant - Quantity; sum total ("Thez a yuge amant of mud in Saffend")

assband - Unable to leave the house because of illness, disability etc

awss - A four legged animal, on which money is won, or more likely lost ("That awss ya tipped cost me a fiver t'day")

branna - More brown than on a previous occasion ("Ere, Trace, ya look branna today, ave you been on sunbed?")

cort a panda - A rather large hamburger

Dan in the maff - Unhappy ("Wossmatta, Trace, ya look a bit Dan in the maff")

eye-eels - Women's shoes

Furrock - The location of Lakeside Shopping Centre

garrij - A building where a car is kept or repaired(Trace: "Oi, Darren, I fink the motah needs at go in the garrij cos it aint working proper")

Ibeefa - Balaeric holiday island

lafarjik - Lacking in energy ("I feel all lafarjik")

OI OI! - Traditional greeting. Often heard from the doorway of pubs or during banging dance tunes at clubs

paipa - The Sun, The Mirror or The Sport

reband - The period of recovery and emotional turmoil after rejection by a lover ("I couldn't elp it, I wuz on the reband from Craig")

Saffend - Essex coastal resort boasting the longest pleasure pier in the world. The place where the characters from TV's, popular soap opera, Eastenders go on holiday

tan - The city of
London , the big smoke

webbats - Querying the location something or someone is. ("Webbats is me car keys Trace?")

wonnid - 1. Desired, needed. 2. Wanted by the police

zaggerate - To suggest that something is bigger or better than it actually is. ("I told ya a fazzand times already")

big brother series 9/11

This web site documents through media articles and official documents how governments and corporations are taking our freedoms and privacy from us. In addition, they are assuming more control over the moral values our children are taught. Are these actions justified? How far should governments and corporations go? This site does not answer these questions. Instead, it presents facts so you can make your own decisions about the matter. Governments must have the ability to track and locate terrorists, but they must do so while preserving the rights and privacy of their citizens. All articles referenced were obtained from the publications cited.

In reading the media articles, be aware that articles may be written from a biased viewpoint, and you may need to sort through inflammatory statements to find the objective information that caused the articles to be included in this site.

In his classic novel, 1984, George Orwell described a totalitarian society in which the government, referred to as the Party, had almost total control over the people. The supreme ruler of the Party was Big Brother. Posters announced that "Big Brother is Watching You". Telescreens droned endlessly with brainwashing propaganda about wondrous government programs. Coins, stamps, books, films, and banners proclaimed the three slogans of the Party: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

Police Patrol helicopters darted among the roofs of the buildings, allowing police to snoop in people's windows. As insidious as the Police Patrol was, the government agents most feared were the Thought Police. Telescreens not only transmitted in the homes governmental policies, they also transmitted back to the Thought Police both sounds and pictures from inside the homes.

 Distinctions between people were reduced through referring to them as "Comrade" rather than as "Mr." or "Mrs.". People were taught to hate their enemies through thought-control from the telescreens that drove the people into frenzied displays of rage and hate. Neighbors were enlisted by the Thought Police to spy on each other to root out unorthodoxy from society.

People lived by rigid schedules dictated by the Thought Police. Loud alarms were transmitted from the telescreens to announce when people should be doing the tasks that were specified by the Party, such as their daily exercises.

Walter Cronkite, in his Preface to the paperback edition of 1984 published by The New American Library, said Orwell wrote his novel as an essay on "power, how it is acquired and maintained, how those who seek it or seek to keep it tend to sacrifice anything and everything in its name. That statement gives us the key: the real purpose of control is power; power over others. Knowing that political leaders seek control over us should not surprise us, for government is an evolutionary thing and usually evolves towards more control.

Birdman's New Tattoo...

(above photo courtesy of nahright)

The picture above showcases the latest tattoo adorning the scalp of Birdman; CEO of rap music label Cash Money Records and Manager of recording artist Lil' Wayne. Birdman, aka Baby (nee Bryan Williams) surely knows to some level the core meanings behind the upside-down red pentagram and entwining black pentagon, and isn't afraid to have his body scarred as the following images show...

And yet they deny...