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Monday 13 October 2014

David Cameron to abstain in Palestine statehood vote

Source: BBC News (article now retitled as Commons debating Palestine statehood recognition)

David Cameron is to abstain in a parliamentary vote on recognising Palestine as a state, the UK prime minister's spokesman has said.

Labour MP Grahame Morris is presenting the motion, which has the backing of the Labour shadow cabinet, on Monday.

The vote is symbolic and would not change government policy but could have international implications.

In 2012 the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade the Palestinians' status to that of "non-member observer state".

The assembly voted 138 to nine in favour, with 41 nations - including the UK - abstaining.


Current UK government policy, as set out by former Foreign Secretary William Hague, is that it "reserves the right to recognise a Palestinian state bilaterally at the moment of our choosing and when it can best help bring about peace".

Mr Morris's motion states that "this House believes that the government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel".

The prime minister's official spokesman said: "The government's position is very clear and hasn't changed, so I think that is a very clear indication of the British government's approach.

Saturday 4 October 2014

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #90

AYTD just wanted to remind our readers about the reason behind showing these Qur'an Quotes. The Qur'an is the backbone of Islam - it's a gift of guidance coming directly from God Himself for us to follow Not only does it outline how best for us to live our lives, but it also validates its Truth and sincerity from start to finish via the many Ayat; undeniable proofs and evidence that back up its claims. From how a baby is formed in the womb, to expressing the floating and orbiting of planets, stars and the moons, to divulging that all moving living creatures have come from water. These and many other revelations are being discovered by science and other means Centuries after the Qur'an's  disclosure to the world.

The Qur'an Quotes are just re-iterating the numerous miracles that God has Willed with the most consummate ease... And yet they still deny. Until the Day of Judgement have people been constantly doubting and trying to disprove the Truth of God and of Islam. The latest that I came across was that Allah is a moon god. The source of such statements came from what I believed to be a highly reputable place, and I admit, I was tested in my faith. So what did I do? I "done my research" and went not to any source, but the only source for restoration of my beliefs... The Qur'an.

So, what does the Qur'an have to say about Allah being a moon god? I had a look, and found out that as you may already know; Allah is no such thing. He explicitly says that He is different from the moon (as he has created and subjected them to run for an appointed term, whereas He is infinite), for us not to prostrate to the moon as we should not also to the sun - He even says in Surah 76; Al-Insan (Man or Time) that there is no sun or moon in Heaven! It delivered more than I asked for.

If you ever feel in doubt about anything, please seek comfort in Allah and His Mercy; it'll come to you at the right time.

Jordan Maxwell and Yoel Natan; these Quotes are dedicated to you.

"And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate to Allah Who created them, if you (really) worship Him."
(Surah 41: Fussilat (Explained in detail); verse 37)

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #89

"If you were to ask them: "Who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?" They will surely reply: "Allah." How then are they deviating (as polytheists and disbelievers)?
Allah enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and straitens it for whom (He wills). Verily, Allah is the All-Knower of everything.
If you were to ask them: "Who sends down water (rain) from the sky, and gives life therewith to the earth after its death?" They will surely reply: "Allah." Say: "All the praises and thanks be to Allah!" Nay! Most of them have no sense.
And this life of the world is only amusement and play! Verily, the home of the Hereafter, that is the life indeed (i.e. the eternal life that will never end), if they but knew."
(Surah 29: Al-Ankabut (The Spider); verses 61-64)

AYTD's: Qur'an Quote #88

And (remember) when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father Azar: "Do you take idols as aliha (gods)? Verily, I see you and your people in manifest error. "
Thus did we show Ibrahim (Abraham) the kingdom of the heavens and the earth that he be one of those who have Faith with certainty.
When the night covered him over with darkness he saw a star. He said: "This is my lord." But when it set, he said: "I like not those that set."
When he saw the moon rising up, he said: "This is my lord." But when it set, he said: "Unless my Lord guides me, I shall surely be among the erring people."
When he saw the sun rising up, he said: "This is my lord. This is greater." But when it set, he said: "O my people! I am indeed free from all that you join as partners in worship with Allah.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Muslim NFL Player's 'Prayer Penalty'

Source: BBC Sport

An American Muslim NFL player has been penalised after celebrating a touchdown by dropping to his knees in prayer.

Husain Abdullah scored for the Kansas City Chiefs as they defeated the New England Patriots 41-14.

Officials penalised him for breaking "excessive celebration" rules by sliding on his knees and pressing his forehead to the ground after scoring.

It is unclear if the 15-yard penalty was for sliding or praying but an NFL director said the decision was wrong.

National Football League rules state that "players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground", but there is an exception for going to ground for prayer.

Michael Signora, NFL's vice president of communications, tweeted: "Abdullah should not have been penalised. Officiating mechanic is not to flag player who goes to ground for religious reasons."

American football fans took to social media to point out that there were plenty of Christian players who marked their touchdowns with signs of deference or religious tributes.

Abdullah, 29, told the Kansas City Star newspaper that game officials had said nothing to him at the time but the Chiefs' coach had told him he had been penalised for sliding.

"I don't think it was because of the actual prostration that I got the penalty," he told the AP news agency. "I think it was because of the slide."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, called on the NFL to explain the reason for the penalty.

"To prevent the appearance of a double standard, we urge league officials to clarify the policy on prayer and recognise that the official made a mistake in this case," spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said.

Abdullah, a devout Muslim, missed the entire 2012 season to go on a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca with his brother, another NFL player.