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Sunday 23 February 2014

NWO Media Network - Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Music Video


Really Katy? Dayum, if there was ever any doubt as to whether you were a pawn of the NWO's Media Network (moosick division), then that thought has been relentlessly ejaculated on bukkake-stylee with the highest concentrate of Roundup known to man. Below is the video clip to her latest single, Dark Horse, directed by Matthew Cullen:

If you didn't watch the video, Perry plays the character of Katy Patra, Queen of the ancient Egyptian City of Memphis. The place is allegedly real, but Patra is loosely based on Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The lyrics refer to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love; this is due to Patra's desire for her materialistically-rich eligible suitors to win her over with opulent gifts, which they eagerly try to do. All but the last offering pleases the Queen, who accepts the bounty presented to her - yet she betrays him and turns him into a little mutt - tongue hanging out panting for more, morrre, MORRRE! *rolls eyes*

Here's some of the song's lyrics -

I knew you were
You were gonna come to me
And here you are
But you better choose carefully

'Cause I...
I'm capable of anything
Of anything
And everything
Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don't make me your enemy
Your enemy
Your enemy

So you wanna play with magic
Boy you should know what you're fallin' for
Baby do you dare to do this
'Cause I'm comin' at you like a dark horse

Oooooh... what a Quaver-shaped tongue-tease of a female Ms. Perry is...

The video has so much occult symbolism, yet depicted in such a blatant covert manner, graphics such as:

- ALL SEEING EYE = by far the most obvious and easiest symbol to spot in the vid. The wide-opened eye represents those that want to know every single thing about who you are and what you are doing at all times. They say they do this (through all sorts of means, like cameras, microchips, metadata etc.) for your own safety... When the real reason is so that any attack upon them can be readily shot down faster than an innocent unarmed man at a London Underground tube station. AYTD's Quran Quote #75 gives a great example of the all-seeing eye in context.

- PYRAMID = Another well known sign. The pyramid (either with three or four sides) is the three-dimensional version of the triangle. This shape is very structurally strong, and this reflects many elite secret societies'  relationships and bonds to each other and their master. Little do they know that their master will turn ther back on them, just like Queen Patra does at the end of the video... Idiots.

- WINGS = The wings are a graphic metaphor that refers to one gaining a deity-like status. A modern day example can be associated to a British RAF (Royal Air Force) cadet "getting their wings" upon moving up the ranks of the institution. In the Video, Perry attains her wings after reaching the apex of the golden pyramid. You may call her highness Bawse Perry from here on.

- SNAKES =  Not much to say here really. Snakes are abound in the vid; from Patra's various hand movements, to them being on either side of the boat Queen patra is riding in, on the blue guards' headgear, they surround her in the second verse, the list goeth on. The snake is symbolic of Satan himself and his ability to shape shift, as he done so when he appeared as a snake to Eve in the Garden Of Eden and tempted her and Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.

- BLUE GUARDS = These henchmen of the Queen protect her from all harm (like she needs it...), yet they are peculiarly hued in Jay-Z blue... Por qué senor? Well, AYTD thinks that they represent the Jinn - a species for which Satan is the most upper ranking Field Marshal. Made out of electricity, Jinn have consciences like humans, but are naturally capable of doing much more than us earthlings. The most potent jinn adorn the most vibrants of blue in colour to visually declare their prowess.

- ELECTRICITY STRIKES = Queen Patra has the ability to inflict bolts of lightning on her entertainment. She looks like a human, yet when she can shoot wattage outta her hands like she's Raiden from Mortal Kombat one may indeed think again about if she's what she appears to be. Could this mean that Patra is a Jinn herself, much like the blue guarded "men" that surround her? After all, The Qur'an says that Jinn are inherently made of fire, whereas humans derive from clay.

- MICKEY MOUSE EARS = These send a message that Katy is undergoing the mind control programming techniques. One of the most controversial of these is Project Monarch, where the subject (often a child) is treated to severe mental trauma sessions which result in different personalities emerging, known as altars. Depending on which altar the inhabitant has been switched on to, it allows for the relevant truly horrific activities (usually of a sexual nature) to be inflicted upon them without even rarely having the ability to recall the events.

- SPHINX CATS HEADS = Whilst the anthropomorphism of real and / or mythical people from ancient eras features in abundance through many visual and scriptural depictions, it was no utter random choice for the female dancers to have cat heads plonked on their noggins; in this case its Sphinx heads to make historical sense. This gives a "head-nod" as it were to a specific type of mind control - Beta Programming aka Sex Kitten Programming. When the subject is tuned in with this aspect of control, they become highly sexually charged and can behave in a very primal fashion, both allowing such lewdness to happen upon them, and also provoke others to mimic and indulge in their vulgar practices. Nothing to see here folks, but some pussies doing the splits by stripper poles; move along please, move along.

There's so much more demonic, disturbing and just downright strange stuff going on in the video it boggles both the trained and subliminal mind. One thing that is extremely telling is that the guy that presents Patra with that tonk-off jewel has a necklace around his neck that says "Allah" (if you watch the clip in HD you can clearly see it). At the 1:15 mark is where it can be seen next to the Maybach Music Group chain crumbling into dust like the guy himself! Whilst Arabic wasn't widely known in Egypt until the advent of Arab-Muslim conquest of Egypt in the 7th century AD, its yet to be verified as to whether the MMG's Rick Ross' repeated self-proclamations as "Bawse" has ancestral links to the Ancient Egypt Monarchy. Meanwhile, various sources cite the song title Dark Horse itself to be referenced within The Bible as to one of the four horses of the Apocalypse that brings much death, pain and sorrow across the world in various forms whether is be due to poverty, disease and war to name just a few.

This abomination of a song features a rap verse from the recently resurrected career of Triple 6 Mafia member Juicy J - that's right, we defaecate on you not... the 666 mafia. Let's just stick to the official Warren Commission story version, that being Juicy J comes from Queen Patra's namesake city, Memphis, Tennessee, you see?...


"Coincidences" like these just beggar belief, do songs and music videos like these truly have such sinister motives behind them, or do they aim to troll those that attribute such claims to this content? Well, if the viewer isn't convinced one way or another, they sure will be confused - which will suffice for the master Jinn.

So, you wanna play with magic? Methinks a gulpful of steaming hot doo-doo from a 50p donkey ride down at Clacton-On-Sea beach would be infinitely more palettable than falling for a tantalising dosage of Ms. Perry-Perry's sauce slathering your electrically-stunned chicken.