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Tuesday 15 December 2009

Sign Language Deciphered; "The Rising Sun (Horus)"

In this part of the Sign Language series AYTD seeks to expose the occult (or "hidden") meanings behind one of the New World Order/ llluminati's most used logos - the "Rising Sun".

The symbolism behind this particular motif's usage derives back to Egyptian paganistic mythologies. Amongst they're worship of many false and manufactured gods there are levels and tiers in which some are regarded higher than others. Held within the prominence of these is Horus; the son of the trinity of deities (with the mother and father figures Isis and Osiris respectively completing the three). In brief, he was born miraculously after the murder of his father Osiris, and is the conqueror over his evil uncle Seth to become the new ruler of Egypt, the United Kingdom.

Horus has many visual interpretations - in the anthropomorphic/ physical way he has been depicted as to having the head of a falcon showing that he is "above all"; "the one on high". He is also represented as the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt; which faces the Sun when it rises. However it is his spiritual definition which is of most relation to this post, that of the rising Sun itself. Much like Horus' tenure as the new ruler of Egypt; it symbolises things to be afresh, the beginning of something new, a different way of life - "A new day".

It is this mentality that is driving the NWO/ Illuminati as they forge to forge their fascist and totalitarian way of being upon us all - a way in which the masses have absolutely no control over anything that they do. The way in which its slowly being inflicted on us is so subtle that many of us do not see it, and many of us have not resisted but in fact practically demanded that we adhere to our masters rules.

We've said it before we're saying it now and no doubt we'll be saying it over and over - the NWO may appear to be winning the battle but there will come a time (which we feel is very near) when Allah will put an end to it all, and on the Day of Resurrection every single living human being in history will stand up and be accounted for - then either Heaven or Hell will be your final resting place for eternity. Please choose the right path, the path of peace.

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