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Saturday 24 December 2011

Friday 23 December 2011

Peekaboo Eye See YOU!! - Cosmopolitan UK Magazine Cover; December 2011 (Jessie J)

In this edition of Peekaboo Eye See YOU!! there is a brief breakdown of the meanings of the multiple signs of occult imagery displayed on the 2011 yuletide issue of Cosmo UK. As the content goes beyond just the one-eyed wink, below is a small explanation of what AYTD can gather from this abomination of a nationwide magazine front cover.

One-Eyed Wink -
Example sign showing one's allegiance and servitude towards their master - not the real Master, God, but rather to that of Satan. One early source of the one-eyed imagery is that of Ancient Egyptian mythology, regarding the story of the deity Horus.

Hand Gesture -
Another example of overtly displaying one's loyalty to their "lord". Numerous other hand gestures can be seen here and here.

Mickey Mouse Ears -
Replacing the second and third O's in the publication title, the Mickey Mouse ears is a visual sign of a person that had undergone some level of mind control programming during their childhood. Infant mind control is often referred to as Monarch Programming - relating to the monarch butterfly. Emotionally manipulating a child to feel akin to particular items such as balloons and ribbons as well as light and airy animals like butterflies themselves then allows ensuing trauma of mental, physical and of a sexual nature to occur.

Purple / Polka Dots Clothing -
Purple is largely regarded as a visual trigger in mind control programming where the controller or "handler" would to tap into and subsequently exploit and/or unleash an altar (mental section of the overall personality) of their subject as they so wish. Polka dots are a visual interpretation of duality - a term that discusses the awareness of opposites relating to each other e.g. good and evil, physical and spiritual, fire and water etc. The usage of duality reveals the knowledge of using both opposites in order to achieve the goal. Arguably the most used visual sign of duality is the checkerboard, but stripes, swirls are also often used, as are the polka dots in this case.

Note: The cover of the magazine mentions an article about "sexy hair" - yet the relevant text is located nowhere near Jessie's hair; but instead overlapping her private parts area... Oh dear.

Many thanks to Sick, Sad World - it's a deeply informative site regarding the occult meanings behind signs used everywhere; as well as a thorough insight into various techniques (like Monarch Programming) afflicted onto oblivious subjects within the entertainment industry. Also, thanks go in the direction of Vigilant Citizen; whom has a piece that disects Jessie's Price Tag music video.