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Monday 22 August 2011

AYTD Presents... "Notes" - I Need Allah

"I need Allah, Allah;
Allah is Who I need [Hey-Hey]

I need Allah, Allah;
Allah is Who I need [Hey-Hey]

I need Allah, Allah;
Allah is Who I need [Hey-Hey]

And if I share with Him my life
Then I'll see Allah is here for me"

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (instrumental)

AYTD in no way intends to offend or perpetuate any crassness to anyone, let alone to Allah Himself with the above lyrics. Through this blog we are trying different methods of engaging as many people as possible to reconnect with the One True Master of us all; The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We do this with the most upmost genuineness, hence the "Notes" series. Why sing about a dollar when you sing about Allah? Sure, money can go a long way in this worldly realm, but can it save you from an eternal lifetime in the Hellfire? Definitely not; none but Allah can truly guide oneself on the righteous path.

Peace to you all.

Sunday 21 August 2011

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - Q Magazine; Issue Q302 September 2011 (Anthony Kiedis)

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead man fronts the current issue of popular music publication, Q. Along with the one-eyed visual, a splash of transhumanism is thrown in too for good measure. In short, transhumanism falls under the psuedo-science of eugenics [social engineering], and is part of the NWO's culture of how they imagine themselves and want us to become in their world. It works two-fold:
  • FOR US: Where the everyday people are concerned, technology is used in a subversively different way; primarily for surveillance purposes of the masses. RFID chips are inserted just underneath the skin; they can be traced to follow one's whereabouts, and can reveal personal details when scanned. Aside from technology; many dehumanization techniques can be used so we are no more like sentient beings but more akin to primates, or the preferable choice of the nobilities, robots. We have no idea of right from wrong, morals, or emotions to deal with, we just do what we're told.
The purpose of front covers like these is to make the idea of transhumanism not only acceptable to us, but cool; even aspirational. This makes the implementation of it so much easier for the NWO to carry out.

You're just dying to be augmented and calibrated to your master's content... aren't you?

Tuesday 9 August 2011

The World: Through A Lens - London Riots Spread Nationwide

Saturday 6 August 2011 - Present;

Civil unrest breaks out in the streets of Tottenham, North London in the late hours of Saturday 6th August following the police's limp response to answering questions from the family of Mark Duggan, 29, whom was shot dead in broad daylight a couple days earlier, on Thursday 4th August. The Met's lack of co-operation to give information caused much disgust and anger within the community, and it was consequently the spark and perhaps "excuse" needed for frustration and tension to be relieved; whether it be due to financial and social stresses, unemployment concerns - or simply just not being heard.

Hundreds of people exercised their feelings in the wrong way and in a bare criminal fashion. Multiple buildings and vehicles were set alight; whilst many shops were broken into and looted. The nation watched the violence unfold live on television; unfortunately, the events in Tottenham were somewhat mirrored in neighbouring areas of Hackney, Walthamstow and Enfield, and then erupting across London with outbreaks of anarchy in Brixton, Clapham Junction and Ealing. These events in London provoked further unrest throughout city centres in England, with Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol enduring acts of mass lawlessness.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the attacks, stating that "You will feel the full force of the law. And if you are old enough to commit these crimes, you are old enough to face the punishment."; whilst Mayor of London Boris Johnson felt "...the real spirit of London," whilst attempting to bring the people of Battersea together in cleaning up the resulting debris from the previous night's action. Around 16,000 police officers are expected to actively patrol the streets of the British capital in anticipation of a fourth night of chaos. To date, over 650 arrests have been made, and over 100 charged regarding these events.

Monday 1 August 2011

Ramadan Mubarak! :-)

Team AndYetTheyDeny would like to wish everyone a very happy Ramadan this year. Copies of timetables should be available at your local mosque.

Good luck to everyone.

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - W Alec - "Son Of Perdition" (from the Chronicles of Brothers series)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride... The First Seal of Revelation is Broken. The Angelic Portals are opened. The End of Days has begun...

It is 1981. Thirteen ruling families of the Illuminati gather in the city of London. Thirteen ruling warlock high priests. Their goal- a new world order. Lucifer's Dark Cabal Wizards ascend from the Crypts of Nagor, led by the two-headed twin wizards of Maleficium, his evil superscientists. They ride the Arc of the North Wind straight to Lucifer's Ice Citadel in Gehenna. They have one diabolical intention. To release Lucifer's genome from the Sarcophagus of the Furies. To create his clone. The Seed of the Serpent.

Forty years pass. It is the year 2021. Three brothers- Jason, Adrian and Nick De Vere- media tycoon, President of the European Union and Archaeologist Playboy, rise in the world of men. The third world war has just ended. THe Ishtar accord- a seven year denuclearisation treaty between Russia, the Pan Arab Union and Israel, will be signed on January 7th 2022. A UN peacekeeping force occupies temple mount and Israel's boundaries. Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt in the Northern Quadrant. The Ark of the Covenant is discovered. Now the Son of Perdition comes forth to rule...

Alternative cover art: