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Wednesday 30 May 2012

"Gattaca" OST: Michael Nyman - "The Arrival"

The Arrival is the opening piece to Gattaca, the near-future sci-fi movie in which the main character Vincent Freeman strives to realise his ambitions as being an astronaut - even though he's classed as "unfit" due to the eugenics-driven state he lives in deeming him to be genetically incapable to engage in such activity.

The accompanying original motion picture soundtrack is composed in its entirety by Michael Nyman; whom is most famed for also producing the audio to the 1993 film The Piano.

Michael Nyman - The Arrival

Other highlights include:

Michael Nyman - Becoming Jerome

Michael Nyman - Further and Further

Michael Nyman - God's Hands

Monday 28 May 2012

The World; Through A Lens - Lady Gaga Cancels Concert In Indonesia Amidst Islamic Backlash

May 27, 2012; Indonesia

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball will no longer be taking place on June 3 in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta, after a dense vocal uproar rumbled throughout the country. Gaga's tour promoters decided to cancel in response to mass marches, with protesters declaring her as a demon and a kafir [unbeliever/non-believer]. Islam has a very strong presence in the country, and many of the people feel that what Lady Gaga is about, represents and portrays strongly opposes their religious beliefs.

Condemnation of Gaga's tour is not just limited to Indonesia, as outrage has been expressed in other parts of South-East Asia too, from South Korea (where the tour kicked off in the region) to the Philippines.


News sources: BBC, Reuters, Yahoo! News.

Saturday 26 May 2012

Rik Clay Dissects The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

As its only a couple of months or so until the London 2012 Summer Olympics gets underway, what better opportunity than now to highlight this fascinating interview regarding the spectacle. In June 2008, Swedish radio station Red Ice Creations invited 25 year-old British researcher Rik Clay to discuss his findings into the 2012 Games.

Clay goes into great detail into the matter and covers various aspects as to the event's usage within the overall plan and agenda of the New World Order. From the numerous examples of numerology and symbology tying in London being the hosts this year, to many religious references that intertwine to the location of the Olympic Stadium, to the historical background of the occult (particularly that of Ancient Egypt and the Mayans); he explains that out of the mind is where matter is created, and that "someone" is fundamentally trying to alter, or "hijack" what and how the mind thinks and functions.

Unfortunately, soon after giving this mind-blowing account, Rik suffered an internal episode, which rendered him lacking of energy to do even the most basic of things. He was found dead having taken his own life on 28 August 2008.

With so much interesting information being divulged, this interview is sure to have you listening the whole way through; we sure do hope you do. Major props go to 2012tribulation and all other users that have uploaded this interview.









Rik Clay R.I.P. 1982-2012.

Monday 14 May 2012

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #69

"He is Allah, the Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms. To Him belong the Best Names . All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise."

(Surah 59: Al-Hashr (The Gathering) ; verse 24)

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #68

 "And whosoever turns away (blinds himself) from the remembrance of the Most Beneficent (Allah) (i.e. this Qur'an and worship of Allah), We appoint for him Shaitan (Satan - devil) to be a Qarin (an intimate companion) to him.
And verily, they (Satans / devils) hinder them from the Path (of Allah), but they think that they are guided aright!
Till, when (such a one) comes to Us, he says [to his Qarin (Satan / devil companion)] "Would that between me and you were the distance of the two easts (or the east and west)" a worst (type of) companion (indeed)!
It will profit you not this Day (O you who turn away from Allah's remembrance and His worship, etc.) as you did wrong, (and) that you will be sharers (you and your Qarin) in the punishment."

(Surah 43: Az-Zukhruf (The Gold Adornments); verses 36-39)

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #67

"And indeed We have created man, and We know what his ownself whispers to him. And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein (by Our Knowledge).
(Remember!) that the two receivers (recording angels) receive (each human being after he or she has attained the age of puberty), one sitting on the right and one on the left (to note his or her actions) .
Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it).
And the stupor of death will come in truth: "This is what you have been avoiding!"
And the Trumpet will be blown, that will be the Day whereof warning (had been given) (i.e. the Day of Resurrection).
And every person will come forth along with an (angel) to drive (him), and an (angel) to bear witness.
(It will be said to the sinners): "Indeed you were heedless of this, now We have removed your covering, and sharp is your sight this Day!"
And his companion (angel) will say: "Here is (this Record) ready with me!"
(And it will be said): "Both of you throw (Order from Allah to the two angels) into Hell, every stubborn disbeliever (in the Oneness of Allah, in His Messengers, etc.).
"Hinderer of good, transgressor, doubter,
"Who set up another ilah (god) with Allah, then (both of you) cast him in the severe torment."
His companion (Satan devil)] will say: "Our Lord! I did not push him to transgress, (in disbelief, oppression, and evil deeds) but he was himself in error far astray."
Allah will say: "Dispute not in front of Me, I had already, in advance, sent you the threat.
The Sentence that comes from Me cannot be changed, and I am not unjust (to the least) to the slaves.""

(Surah 50: Qaf; verses 16-29)

Wednesday 9 May 2012

National Level Exercise 2012

National Level Exercise (NLE) is a yearly event that evaluates how the US' emergency services deal and manage with circumstances of an extreme fashion. Whether it be a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, these practice drills are carried out so that when the New World Order does actually carry out a grand-scale false flag incident, government divisions such as FEMA (Federal Emergency and Management Agency) and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) are fully prepared to use the said crisis to take away civilians' constitutional freedoms and liberties from them and lead them to the internment camps / fusion centres for either extermination or dehumanized control; whichever the tyrannical fascists see fit.

This year's NLE takes a more virtual form, as there's an internet-based catastrophe to cope with. Below is the official description of NLE 12, which can be found on FEMA's site:

"National Level Exercise (NLE) 2012 is part of a series of congressionally mandated preparedness exercises designed to educate and prepare participants for potential catastrophic events. The NLE 2012 process will examine the nation’s ability to coordinate and implement prevention, preparedness, response and recovery plans and capabilities pertaining to a significant cyber event or a series of events. NLE 2012 will examine national response plans and procedures, including the National Response Framework (NRF), NRF Cyber Incident Annex, Interim National Cyber Incident Response Plan (NCIRP) and the International Strategy for Cyberspace. Unique to NLE 2012 will be an emphasis on the shared responsibility among all levels of government, the private sector and the international community to secure cyberspace and respond together to a significant cyber incident.

Major Exercises

NLE 2012 will include four major exercises, including a capstone exercise. These exercises will share common scenario elements, planning efforts and governance structure. Participation in each exercise will be determined individually but overall, NLE 2012 participation includes the Executive Office of the President, federal, state, local, tribal and territorial department and agency officials and emergency operations elements, nongovernmental and private sector organizations and international partners. The four major exercises are:

Information Exchange: This discussion-based exercise is designed to evaluate the sharing of cyber‐related information among the intelligence community, law enforcement, federal, state, tribal and local governments, the private sector and international partners, as appropriate.

Cyber Incident Management/Virtual Effects: This exercise will examine the coordination and communication processes between public and private stakeholders in response to a significant cyber incident. This will include examining challenges related to managing a cyber event with national security implications.

NLE Capstone/Cyber Physical Effects: This functional exercise will examine challenges related to managing a cyber event with physical consequences and national security implications. This will include addressing cyber and physical interdependencies and impacts while coordinating a Whole Community response.
      Whole Community approach encompasses understanding and meeting the true needs of the entire affected community; engaging all aspects of the community (public, private, and civic) in defining those needs and devising ways to meet them; and strengthening the assets, institutions, and social processes that work well to improve resilience and emergency management outcomes.

Continuity Exercise/Eagle Horizon: This operations-based exercise will evaluate the continuity capability of federal departments and agencies. A component will include a nationwide exercise examining communications capability of the homeland security enterprise under conditions in which critical systems have been degraded or lost.

In addition to the major exercises, the NLE 2012 process will include senior level exercises, building-block events (i.e., seminars, tabletop exercises, and training) and routine exercise planning conferences."

No specific date has been given as to when NLE 12 will take place, but as mentioned over at ASDWA (Association of State Drinking Water Administrators), it "will be “played” in FEMA Regions 1, 2, 3, and 5 during the spring and summer of this year.".

So; just what sort of cyber attack can we expect? Well, as we have seen in recent years, various websites have been hacked into which allows for unauthorised access to a wide array of personal and sensitive information. Online protesters Anonymous are are at the forefront at making their their voices heard on the web, from taking down major corporate services such as Sony's PSN (PlayStation Network) in April 2011, to breaching Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account and parts of the Tunisian, Brazilian, Zimbabwean, Turkish, and Australian government's sites in a move known as "Operation Anti-Security". Whilst not directly known for hacking into websites, Wikileaks has released numerous classified political documents that were formely held in apparently protected and secure servers. There have been concerns that social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are being subverted in use as hubs for virtual scamming and for other malicious forms of unsavoury activity. Perhaps this cyber-attack will have adverse effects on more tangible equipment? One comment on Theintelhub suggests: "I would think that “a cyber event with physical consequences ” is refering to cyber attacks on infrastructure control systems ie. nuclear power plant controls, electric grid management, air traffic controls, etc., all those things that are internet connected and therefor vulnerable to hacked access.". This could be where the link to where ASDWA is in place; as again their page states "Some impact or connection to the Water Sector is also expected." ...

Stay tuned; National Level Exercise 2012 is underway.

Thursday 3 May 2012

The World; Through A Lens - London Mayoral Elections 2012

May 3, 2012: London - 

The candidates to run for politics' top job in the UK's capital show up to cast their vote along with a tiny proportion of an uninterested and disenfranchised general electorate. Below we see puppet contenders Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone show face for their respective redundant parties.

 Ah yes, here we have the left-right paradigm pictured together like bosom buddies. That's right - rather than imitating two sides of the same coin, what we see expressed here is more like the look of two tits of the same political chest embracing before the camera lens for a push-up bra cleavage shot. Smile!

 Source: Daily Mail Online.