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Sunday 24 March 2013

The World: Through A Lens - President Obama Visits Israel

March 20-22 2013.

The US President pops over to the Middle East for a cuppa Hebrew oops; herbal tea, and a slice of Jaffa orange cake with his Jewish buddies "Ben & Perry"; more commonly known as Benjamin Netanyahu and Simon Peres, whilst engaging in discussing the next steps in making the lives of the Palestinians even more miserable than they already are; just how dare they demand to be treated like human beings?

No doubt they also managed to sneak in a bit of banter regarding haulting Iran's development of nuclear arms. Of course, Both the US and Israel currently have no plans to destroy their own huge arsenal of weapons, as they naturally have the right to defend their respective sovereign states. Iran however does not; and Palestine doesn't even have such national identity so they definitely don't have that claim.

Nothing like a level playing field...