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Wednesday 21 March 2012

AYTD Presents... "Notes" - "That's Not His Name"

"They call Him Yahweh,
They call Him Ra,
So many titles, they're wrong by far;
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!

Numerous deities,
They doth proclaim,
To be so Godly, it's such a shame;
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!
That's not His Name!"

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (instrumental)

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Thursday 15 March 2012

Radiohead - "Everything In Its Right Place"

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Everything In Its Right Place is the introductory track to the 2000 LP

Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!! - John & Carole E. Barrowman - "Hollow Earth"


"Lots of twins have a special connection - being able to finish each other's sentences; sensing what the other is thinking; perhaps even knowing when the other is in trouble or in pain - but for 12-year-old twins, Matt and Emily Calder, the connection is beyond special. 

Together, the twins have extraordinary powers. They are able to bring art to life, or enter paintings at will. Their abilities are sought by villains trying to access the terrors of Hollow Earth - a place where all the demons, devils and creatures ever imagined lie trapped for eternity. The twins flee with their mother to the security of an island, off the west coast of Scotland, where their grandfather has certain protective powers of his own. But too much is at stake, and the twins aren't safe there either. 

The villains will stop at nothing to find Hollow Earth and harness the powers within..."

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Eugenics In Action - "How Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change"

From drugs to help you avoid eating meat to genetically engineered cat-like eyes to reduce the need for lighting, a wild interview about changes humans could make to themselves to battle climate change.

The threat of global climate change has prompted us to redesign many of our technologies to be more energy-efficient. From lightweight hybrid cars to long-lasting LED's, engineers have made well-known products smaller and less wasteful. But tinkering with our tools will only get us so far, because however smart our technologies become, the human body has its own ecological footprint, and there are more of them than ever before. So, some scholars are asking, what if we could engineer human beings to be more energy efficient? A new paper to be published in Ethics, Policy & Environment proposes a series of biomedical modifications that could help humans, themselves, consume less.

Some of the proposed modifications are simple and noninvasive. For instance, many people wish to give up meat for ecological reasons, but lack the willpower to do so on their own. The paper suggests that such individuals could take a pill that would trigger mild nausea upon the ingestion of meat, which would then lead to a lasting aversion to meat-eating. Other techniques are bound to be more controversial. For instance, the paper suggests that parents could make use of genetic engineering or hormone therapy in order to birth smaller, less resource-intensive children. 

The lead author of the paper, S. Matthew Liao, is a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University. Liao is keen to point out that the paper is not meant to advocate for any particular human modifications, or even human engineering generally; rather, it is only meant to introduce human engineering as one possible, partial solution to climate change. He also emphasized the voluntary nature of the proposed modifications. Neither Liao or his co-authors,  Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache of Oxford, approve of any coercive human engineering; they favor modifications borne of individual choices, not technocratic mandates. What follows is my conversation with Liao about why he thinks human engineering could be the most ethical and effective solution to global climate change.

Source: The Atlantic

Wednesday 7 March 2012

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #66

"Say (O Muhammad (pbuh)): "I am only a human being like you. It is inspired in me that your Ilah (God) is One Ilah (God - Allah), therefore take Straight Path to Him (with true Faith Islamic Monotheism) and obedience to Him, and seek forgiveness of Him. And woe to Al-Mushrikun (the disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, polytheists, idolaters, etc. - see V.2:105)"

(Surah 41: Fussilat (The Are Explained In Detail); verse 6)

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #65

"And indeed We did send Messengers before you (O Muhammad ) to their own peoples. They came to them with clear proofs, then, We took vengeance on those who committed crimes (disbelief, setting partners in worship with Allah, sins, etc.), and (as for) the believers it was incumbent upon Us to help (them).
So verily, you (O Muhammad (pbuh)) cannot make the dead to hear (i.e. the disbelievers, etc.), nor can you make the deaf to hear the call, when they show their backs, turning away.
And you (O Muhammad (pbuh)) cannot guide the blind from their straying; you can make to hear only those who believe in Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), and have submitted to Allah in Islam (as Muslims)."

(Surah 30: Ar-Rum (Rome); verses 47, 52-53)

AYTD's Qur'an Quote #64

"And whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), fears Allah, and keeps his duty (to Him), such are the successful ones."

(Surah 24: An-Nur (The Light); verse 52)

Monday 5 March 2012

Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!! - Christine Feehan - "Savage Nature"

When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police. But there's a problem: it looks like the victim may have been killed by a big cat - and her brothers are all shape-shifting leopards. Sent by the land's owner to investigate, leopard-shifter Drake Donovan is ready for anything - except the insatiable hunger that rocks him when he meets Saria. Deep in his soul he knows that she is destined to be his mate. 
Torn between protecting her brothers and finding the truth, Saria treads warily around the powerful shifter. Yet as they venture deep into the mysterious bayou on a hunt for the killer, Saria finds herself longing for Drake's touch and the sweet release of surrender...

Here's a few more covers from the Leopard People series:

Saturday 3 March 2012

Arcade Fire - "No Cars Go"

Arcade Fire - No Cars Go

No Cars Go can be found on the Canadian indie rock band's 2007 sophomore LP Neon Bible.