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Thursday 31 December 2009

Sign Language; Deciphered - Red, White & Blue

This edition of Sign Language; Deciphered turns its attention to the New World Order's tribute to its forefathers via usage of a particular colour combination within their various emblems, thus revealing the hidden message that they are the ruling force over the masses; with intent of having every aspect of living in their total control. In this case, the colour combination is that of using red, white and blue.

The red-white-blue combination can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and shown by the crown of the Pharaoh ruling the land at that time. The crown was initially of two separate reigns - the white crown of Hedjet, and the red crown of Deshret (representing Upper and Lower Egypt respectively). These crowns were consolidated into one; the crown of Pschent (pictured right with the idol deity Horus wearing it), when Egypt was unified circa 3150 by King Menes. The blue crown was used at significant occasions; most often during events of battle and war; thus the Pharaoh wearing it as an alpha-sign of deity-like status. More info on the crowns of Egypt can be seen here.

This is not to suggest that every institution that uses the red-white-blue combination in their logo has a direct link into the NWO agenda; but if you do happen to notice an icon that uses this structure, have a look into the entity's reason(s) for existence, the owners/ backers behind it, or into the industry in which its placed and you may find out that it could well pay allegiance to the Luciferian capitalists in the race for global dominance.

The above sports logos are an example of indirect connections to the NWO' plan. Although its debatable as to whether bodies such as the NFL and the the English Premier League are institutionally corrupt; what's more important is to look into the reason behind the existence of these sports leagues. As Alex Jones' latest documentary Fall of the Republic; The Presidency of Barack Obama exposes - the emergence of adult sports as a favourable form of entertainment is to act as a distraction; so strong that it has the hypnotised and visually engaged population clueless and uninterested as to the laws that are being passed by their political representitives (this referenced segment can be seen here).

Our civil freedoms and liberties are gradually being taken away from us - but hey, as long as Michael Owen got that injury-time winner over City then we'll all be living happily ever after... And Yet They Deny.

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  1. michael owen is so new world order-he traded liverpool for the dark side red-devils!!! He was brainwashed!