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Sunday 27 March 2011

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - "Official Countdown to the London 2012 Games"

"The countdown starts here!

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming to London. Start your own countdown to the greatest sporting event on the planet - open this book to get essential information on Olympic and Paralympic sports, plus amazing facts, records and profiles of sports superstars.

Test your sports knowledge with puzzles and quizzes and join the London 2012 mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, as they discover the history of the Games from ancient Greece to the 2012 celebrations"

Only 488 days to go!

Friday 25 March 2011

"If You're Not Religious, For God's Sake Say So" - The 2011 UK Census

The UK Census is a nationwide questionnaire that gathers information about the people that live in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. From obtaining details of the nation's population and the proportions of its gender and sexuality, to recognising the makeup of the country's age groups and differing ethnicities, the UK government [through the country's local authorities] uses the figures amassed within the Census form to best deliver the relevant services to the people through spending of tax money. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, a non-ministerial department which reports directly to the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The ONS is the office that is charge of the UK Census, and rolls it out every ten years (it started in 1801) in order to keep up to date with the country's social trends.

2011 sees the time for the Census to once again to be braced amongst the people. Religious belief is a core area that's been heavily targeted within the campaign from the British Humanist Association (BHA), the ONS' chosen organisation to promote the awareness of this year's Census. At this time when faith in God is currently at its weakest, the BHA aims to galvanise upon the UK's denial of His existence and His Word by making it attractive to claim it so on the Census form. Their main propaganda slogan is "If You're not religious, for God's sake say so":

This already extremely intrusive form has now been stepped up a gear by seeming to encourage one's belief... in not "believing" at all.

Oh dear.

The ONS has made filling out the UK Census a compulsory matter, meaning there could be a fine of up to £1,000 for not returning it in completion to a satisfactory manner. The Daily Express reports that "In 2001, 3 million people refused to fill in the forms but there were fewer than 40 convictions".

Apart from the questionnaire asking for very personal and private information and urging for us to declare affirmation to atheism and its friends, there is also much cause for concern regarding the security and care of the form's results provided. For the 2011 occasion, the ONS has hired American company Lockheed Martin to handle and manage all the data accumulated from. The aerospace, defence and security firm is infamous for its involvement in trading for arms with the US Department of Defence during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, of which millions around the world oppose to this very day. The relationship between Lockheed and the American government is so tight that many feel that the collected material could be used as intelligence against those of us that aren't in total compliance and servitude to the state's laws and regulations.

So the 2011 UK Census; big brother's way of ensuring we're all looked after.

Monday 21 March 2011

The World: Through A Lens - Gaddafi & Obama Shaking Hands

Leader of the African state of Libya "Colonel" Muammar Gaddafi, and United States of America President Barack Obama shaking hands at the G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy on July 9 2009.

Source: Atlas Shrugged.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - Raj Patel - "The Value Of Nothing"

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This post could be one of the most important to ever appear on this blog. The image above is the ultimate example of our Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!! series; as there is no actual eye on the book's front cover, but instead is of lots of small marks that form the oh-so large and prominent "0".

You may ask the following: "Ok, so why does this cover make it into the Peekaboo!! series then?" ..........Good question. Well; the answer is due to the importance and relevance of the book's author, thus the cover's inclusion. AYTD's good friend TheTruthIsFromGod has put forth an extremely powerful and strong case that Raj Patel is the human vessel for the entity that has been planning in creating the ultimate deception for humanity to fall for. Millions around the world are waiting for emergence of an iconic deity-like figure to touch down on Earth and save the people that worship the said figure from an excruciating torment and deliver to them an everlasting eternal life of love, peace and harmony. TheTruth states that whether it be Jesus Christ, Imam Mahdi, Buddha, Krishna or any other idol that are anticipated to arrive, it is in fact the opposite type of leader that will surface.

Maitreya, also known as Dajjal or the Antichrist, is Satan's right hand man of sorts - it's his job to convince mankind to follow his ways of living together happily (but his real intentions couldn't be further away from this concept). Maitreya is a jinn, an entity made inherently of electricity-like smokeless fire, and has the ability to shape shift. Materialising as Raj Patel, a man of Indian heritage boasting multiple top-tier level university degrees and having worked for international organisations such as the United Nations and World Bank. Currently residing in San Francisco, journalist and economist Patel proposes many solutions to the world's problems, primarily through sorting out the global distribution of food. He comes across as a very charming and suave character, being extremely well spoken and impressing many that interact with him with his extensive knowledge of differing cultures. This is all a cunning attempt to fool as many people as possible in accepting and complying with Patel's manifesto.

Back to the book cover is concerned; various Islamic hadith claim that Dajjal will be recognisable as he'll be blind in one eye and have the word "kafir" (non-believer) written across his forehead. TheTruth explains that this is not true, but is instead an infiltration of the highly respected documents by Satan himself - so whilst many Muslims are on the lookout for that unmistakable and distressing visual, Patel will "pass under the radar" as it were. So when it comes to the book cover, this deception is assissted with the non-appearance of a bulging grape-like eye, but an image that one could subtly interpret as an eye.

So, Raj Patel... Would you trust this man? Your decision to do so or not may very well confirm the home of your final destination in the Hereafter. Be careful, and be very aware...

AYTD is captivated by this story and intrigued to see where it leads... Please watch the beginning of TheTruthIsFromGod's case; the opening three videos of the series
Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal can be seen below, and come to your own conclusions. To see more of the series, please visit the TheTruthIsFromGod's YouTube channel.

Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 1

Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 2

Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 3

*** UPDATE ***

Here is one of TheTruth's current videos, from which YouTube has blocked/disabled the clip's view counter - there must obviously be some very sensitive info the site doesn't want spread out...

The Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel (part 2)

Monday 7 March 2011

As-Salat: The Five Prayers Of The Day

The Salat, or prayer is a special time between you and the Creator of everything; Allah, The God. A core element in Islam, Salat is an essential part of a Muslim's life in thanking and worshipping none other than one's One True Master.

It's a time when you can communicate directly to Him - when you can acknowledge His existence and recognise that He made everything from the Heavens and the Earth [along with all the stars and galaxies that lie in between and around them], to all the creatures and beings that inhabit them. All is from Him, and to Him will all be returned. The Prayer is also the best opportunity we have in asking God to protect us from evil and forgive us for carrying out sinful acts, and to instead love one another and do good good deeds in this life.

The Prayers are as follows:
  • Salat al-Fajr --------------- Morning Prayer
  • Salat al-Asr ---------------- Noon Prayer
  • Salat al-Zuhr -------------- Afternoon Prayer
  • Salat al-Maghrib -------- Evening Prayer
  • Salat al-Isha --------------- Nightly Prayer
The prayers are mentioned many times in the Qur'an - below is one such example:

"So glorify Allah [above all that (evil) they associate with Him (O believers)], when you come up to the evening [i.e. offer the (Maghrib) sunset and ('Isha') night prayers], and when you enter the morning [i.e offer the (Fajr) morning prayer].
And His is all the praises and thanks in the heavens and the earth, and (glorify Him) in the afternoon (i.e. offer 'Asr prayer) and when you come up to the time, when the day begins to decline (i.e offer Zuhr prayer). (Ibn 'Abbas said: "These are the five compulsory congregational prayers mentioned in the Quran)."

(Surah 30: Ar-Rum (The Romans); verses 17-8)

Whilst nowhere near as important as the Salat, one can just take a little time out to just stop, pause and "get in touch" with God. You can talk about your day so far, about recent situations that's going on in your life, or just to say hi - whether you speak out aloud or in your mind, He's always there to hear you out. By coming forth to God with sincerity and with clean intentions will He make your heart stronger and galvanise your faith in Him in all sorts of ways.

(For information about how to perform the Salat, please check out our earlier post "Teach Me How To Pray"
or alternatively IslamCity has a detailed explanation on how to Pray)