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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Maitreya Unveiled...???

Calling for an ID verification check for the one with the name "Maitreya" - so, what does Maitreya look like?

Or... maybe he looks like this?

More importantly; Who is Maitreya? One source seems to know a lot about this character; here's a quote from it:

"He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. Although the names are different, many believe that they all refer to the same individual: the World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya (pronounced my-tray-ah)."

The above is from Share International (SI), a group that actively awaits the emergence of their leader as the World Saviour and his clan, the Masters Of Wisdom. SI promotes his teachings of Planet Earth living in peace, love and harmony through the fair and equal sharing/distribution of the globe's food, water and natural resources. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, SI is headed by artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme; whom has been been spearheading the group's cause for over 30 years, spreading their Master's word all over the World. Although their quote above suggests that Maitreya and the one the followers of their respective religions are waiting for could well be the same entity, SI also mentions that -

"If people believe, rightly or wrongly, that Maitreya is the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Buddha, the Messiah or Kalki Avatar, and accept His advice because of that, it does not mean that they are in themselves ready to make the changes which must ensue to preserve the world and humanity with it. We have to recognize Maitreya, not because we think He is Maitreya, or the Christ or the Messiah, or whoever, but because we agree with what He is saying, that we want for the world what He says is necessary for the world: justice and sharing and freedom for all people, rather than because we think He is the World Teacher or some great spiritual being."

On 14 January 2010 in London, Mr. Creme held a lecture in which he announced that Maitreya made his first ever appearance on US television. Creme said that Maitreya wasn't in the guise of his true self (or even named himself as such), but rather that of an ordinary man. As you might have guessed, after hearing that revelation the World was on the hunt to find the interview Creme was referring to and thus, whom Maitreya is posing as. Many people's researching and investigating came to a very familiar conclusion, revealing the following person:

Patel "is an award-winning writer, activist and academic... is an Advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In addition to numerous scholarly publications, he regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to the LA Times,, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Mail on Sunday, and The Observer. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller.". He gave two interviews on 12 January 2010 - two days before Mr. Creme's announcement; on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, and on Democracy Now!, shown on various TV networks across the US as well as Internationally. It's not just the corresponding time periods that link Patel and Maitreya as the same, but the messages they both promote:

"Maitreya's social concerns are reflected in his list of priorities: an adequate supply of the right food, adequate housing for all, healthcare and education as universal rights. His social message can be summarized in a few words: "Share and save the world." Maitreya knows we will accept his message and that we are on the threshold of an era of peace and goodwill."

(Benjamin Creme, Share International)

"As it happens, I do think that sharing, fraternity, justice and cooperation are terrific things. I also think that prioritising the needs of the poor, hungry and oppressed is a non-negotiable part of a sustainable future."
(Raj Patel)

Even Patel's ethnic origin and location in his childhood bear strong resemblance to that of Maitreya's current presence on the planet; Patel himself reveals that "I did indeed fly from India to London in 1977, although the plane ride was a return trip from a holiday with my family."; and NWO whistleblower William Cooper also mentions Maitreya embarking on his mission after spending a lengthy amount of time up in the Himalayas to come to London in the late 70s within his 1992 radio show Mystery Babylon. Mr Creme also partakes, saying: "...I first started this work in January 1959 and it was not until August 1977 (Maitreya came into London in July 1977) that I was taken before Him (out of the body) on several occasions. He asked me if I would take, publicly, the Messages which I had been receiving privately for some time. I said I would try, do my best, and the 140 messages which he then gave at my London lectures began on 6 September 1977.".

To many the nature of Maitreya, the manifesto Share International puts before the public, and indeed the the goals Raj Patel wishes to achieve may seem fine and dandy, but online at least there seems to be a growing concern regarding these characters - that not only do they not mean what they say, but that they intend to do the opposite of bringing love, peace, equality, justice and fairness to the World.

YouTube User TheTruthIsFromGod believes that the accused above are all a part of the NWO agenda. TheTruth goes one step further and says that Raj Patel is the Maitreya, who is none other than the Devil/ Satan/ Lucifer/ Dajjal/ Antichrist/ call him what you will... THAT guy. TheTruth explains his theory through a series of clips made entitled Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal that covers the whole Maitreya-Raj Patel story to date in extreme detail - and makes for riveting viewing.

So riveting that AYTD wanted to bring this whole thing your attention (if it hadn't been known to you already). What's your thoughts about Maitreya? AYTD would love to hear from you.


  1. I applaud you for another strong and interesting artical and yet they deny.

    This Maitreya fella doesn't seem too smart to me, how can he be a world teacher if he hasn't already learned what was said in holy Qu'ran and Bible thousands of years ago? It clearly says in the holy scriptures that in the end times you will (us the people) be decieved by a anti christ who will announce himself as a saviour of the world to unite a NEW WORLD ORDER.

    I can smell trouble, and it smells like a lying vegetarian who won't confess to eating a Big Mac.

    These are interesting times we live, peace be with you AYTD.

    Bojan from bersh.

  2. will he be part of the nwo?

  3. I believe the Maitreya to be a piece of the puzzle. A part of the Illuminati secret agenda; world domination. Most people think that this is a joke, or that this is just a stupid idea, and it'll never come true. That's what they want you to think. They want you to think you're free and in control when they are actually pulling the strings behind 99% of everything. To any Christians, remember, the Antichrist will supposedly rise out of a third world war. probably being a polytheist, he will persecute the monotheists (Christians, Jews, Muslims). True Christians won't need to worry because when the tribulation occurs, we will ascend to Heaven. They want that. They're actually looking forward to that, therefore, less people in the world equals more control over the masses. Also remember that a demon/fallen angel can assume ANY shape or form, including but not limited to humans, spirits, ghosts, aliens, and even UFOs themselves, which are a great hoax designed to throw us off track (look it up). Could the Maitreya be the Antichrist? That I do not know. What I do know is that somewhere, someone is trying to take over your life, and ultimately destroy your relationship with God. Am I saying you have to believe in God? No. Am I saying you need to think about this and open the curtains that cover your eyes? That's for you to decide. The decisions of your life are for you to make, choose wisely, and God bless you all.