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Monday 23 November 2009

AYTD's "Sign Language" - Deciphered

This series is here to present to you a collection of visual logos, emblems and various other sorts of iconography that has a seemingly harmless look to it at a first glance, but has an intentional "occult" (hidden) message and meaning to the masses. However, to those that are in tune with the nature of esoterism (the world of secrecy, coded communication and understanding that which is hidden) such as the New World Order's "elite" these signs are as clear as playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on a 42" 1080p LED screen.

For those that are totally new to this, AYTD is going to try to break down some of these logos in a simple manner so that you can see many more that come from the same or similar sources. Rest assured, the symbols we bring to you aren't gathered because the institution behind it have "a bad reputation" or what not - its solely the icon itself that's being targeted here; the notoriety surrounding the entity behind the logo all falls into place anyway.

Highlighted in the series' first post is the Apple, British Telecom and Hollywood film firm Icon's logos. The apple logo is probably the easiest to decipher - indicating a bite into the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life within Paradise's Garden of Eden.

Concerning the now defunct "piper" British Telecom logo - The most important part has been left untouched. The red part of the logo is of a wriggling snake; showing the anthropomorphic representation of the company, that of one without a backbone and with poison within the company's roots. Even untouched the blue and white used alongside the red of the BT logo shows allegiance to the colour combination of the Union Jack, symbolising the "...reunion of the United Kingdom of the twelve tribes of Jacob (or Jac-ob)"

The origins of the Icon Pictures symbol is very important not only within the logo's image, but of the text of the company's name itself. The image is of a person's left eye, whereas the right eye cannot be seen. The Antichrist (or Dajjal, in Islam) is believed to just have one eye. In various mythological stories this false prophet also known as "The Great Deceiver" is usually thought to only see through his left eye whilst being blind in the right. This is not necessarily true, he (or servants of him i.e. the NWO) often depict theirselves as only being able to see with one eye. It's a metaphor to explain that where the physical human eye can see what is here on Earth, the spiritual eye of the mind can see beyond this world and establish a deep and meaningful connection with God; therefore being able to express positivity i.e. love and respect to those around you and carry out good deeds - just as God wants you to (please see this clip for more info). What is essential to remember about The Antichrist/ Dajjal and in effect these symbols is not that one eye can see and the other cannot; but that part of the entity is "closed" and in essence not on the side of the One true God, Allah - but is instead against Him and in denial of what He is. Meanwhile the name of the company is Icon; or rather - "Eye-con" - in reference to their conceptions known as films - especially the purposely misguided monstrosity that is The Passion of Christ; their attempt to dismiss Jesus as the great man that he is.

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