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Tuesday 3 November 2009

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Sign Language"

Signs are everywhere and surround our lively existence. They're there what ever we do; when we're outside at work/school, shopping with your mates, or using public transport. It doesn't let up even when in the comfort of our own homes - signs are bombarding us when we turn the television on or reading a magazine when on the toilet. The internet is no safe haven; with the world-wide-web being the most current popular form of visual sign communication. These signs may initially seem "in your face". but often the real underlying messages are cleverly coded. The forces behind it know exactly what they're doing, and are talking to each other through this iconography; whilst our brains are frantically trying to work out whats been subliminally put before us.

The Sign Language series will show you many signs that you see all the time without batting an eyelash - bringing them all together in hope that you recognise the common goals of the symbols and the nature of the institutions behind them.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad I don't have to tune in at 2am in the morning to catch Sign Zone on BBC1 to see a smelly bre attempt to sign language another bust up on Albert Square. Thanks AndYetTheyDeny, I'm a big fan already.