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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Uniform For The Sheeple - Menswear Fashion F-W 2013

The New Year is well underway, which in the fashion industry means labels announcing and revealing their collections for the upcoming Fall [Autumn]/ Winter seasons. Below is just a snippet selection of images of pieces that are littered with visually coded messages. From iconic logos and graphics to recogniseable patterns and textiles, there are deep connotations that the occult relate to these illustrative signals - the main correlations to them all is to rebel agains The sole Creator of all things and to celebrate the fake "master". It's so cool to be a part of his clique, clique, clique, clique!

Sure, it might be nice to have a couple luxury pieces here and there, but please be aware that the "cool" lifestyle that surrounds fashion is nothing more than a meaningless mirage that can lead you down a slippery slope that takes you further away from your personal connection with The One that can truly give you happiness.

Anyway enough preaching, on with the show...

 Example article: "Mickey Mouse Ears"


 Example article: Dualsm/Duality

Image source: Hypebeast

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