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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Return Of The Jedi Mind Tricks; 63336-Style

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Much like an annoying case of the recurring athlete's foot, or far worse, the circus that is of puppet political parties campaigning for your just-as-useless vote for an upcoming general election; comes forth a new advert gracing UK television screens this month from London-based mobile communications firm 63336.
Having caused major controversy and uproar (if not scaring many viewers at the very least) through capitalising on the recent mainstream hype of secret societies (namely brought upon out of the whole The Da Vinci Code phenomenon) and using corresponding dark and eerie symbolism within their 2009 advert, the new angle 63336 has taken is that of the New Age route. Initially coming across as much less threatening and sinister, the ad has a more playful and light-hearted approach to reach the same outcome. With more and more Tom, Dick and Harry's having at least heard of the Illuminati and dismissing its existence, much of the sheeple are unaware of the New Age doctrine and its potential to drive you away from your Creator.

Why put your faith in The Ghayb [Allah, The Unseen] when you can simply dial 63336 and get the "answer" for a mere £2.50 - It's so simple! Psychics, Gurus, clairvoyants and channellers and ilk wield their equipment be it crystal balls, tea leaves or tarot cards. Nevermind the external implements; some rather take the techniques upon your physical self through palm reading and various hypnosis mechanisms - whatever it takes for you to keep your distance from your One Master. These deviants will tell you whatever you want to hear; or more specifically; what they want you to know. God, will tell you the truth, if you're ready to hear it.

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