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Monday 28 May 2012

The World; Through A Lens - Lady Gaga Cancels Concert In Indonesia Amidst Islamic Backlash

May 27, 2012; Indonesia

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball will no longer be taking place on June 3 in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta, after a dense vocal uproar rumbled throughout the country. Gaga's tour promoters decided to cancel in response to mass marches, with protesters declaring her as a demon and a kafir [unbeliever/non-believer]. Islam has a very strong presence in the country, and many of the people feel that what Lady Gaga is about, represents and portrays strongly opposes their religious beliefs.

Condemnation of Gaga's tour is not just limited to Indonesia, as outrage has been expressed in other parts of South-East Asia too, from South Korea (where the tour kicked off in the region) to the Philippines.


News sources: BBC, Reuters, Yahoo! News.

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