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Sunday 21 August 2011

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - Q Magazine; Issue Q302 September 2011 (Anthony Kiedis)

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead man fronts the current issue of popular music publication, Q. Along with the one-eyed visual, a splash of transhumanism is thrown in too for good measure. In short, transhumanism falls under the psuedo-science of eugenics [social engineering], and is part of the NWO's culture of how they imagine themselves and want us to become in their world. It works two-fold:
  • FOR US: Where the everyday people are concerned, technology is used in a subversively different way; primarily for surveillance purposes of the masses. RFID chips are inserted just underneath the skin; they can be traced to follow one's whereabouts, and can reveal personal details when scanned. Aside from technology; many dehumanization techniques can be used so we are no more like sentient beings but more akin to primates, or the preferable choice of the nobilities, robots. We have no idea of right from wrong, morals, or emotions to deal with, we just do what we're told.
The purpose of front covers like these is to make the idea of transhumanism not only acceptable to us, but cool; even aspirational. This makes the implementation of it so much easier for the NWO to carry out.

You're just dying to be augmented and calibrated to your master's content... aren't you?

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