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Tuesday 19 July 2011

The World: Through A Lens - Rupert & James Murdoch Called In For Questioning

Tuesday 19 July 2011;

80 year-old Chairman and CEO of global media empire News Corporation Rupert Murdoch, and son James, aged 38, sit before a select committee of MP's in Central London for a session of questioning. This event is with regards to Murdoch's UK newspaper News Of The World being allegedly involved in invasions of privacy via phone hackings. From the families of murder victims Milly Dowler and Jean Charles de Menezes, to celebrities and media personalities such as actress Sienna Miller and football pundit Andy Gray - the paper is being investigated into for its participation in this criminal activity; as well as its relationship with the Metropolitan Police in keeping its activities secret. The phones of the relatives of various fallen British troops that served in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as a number of victims in the London 7/7 bombings have also been reported to have been accessed by the Sunday tabloid.

This ongoing scandal has resulted in the closure of the News Of The World from being published after being in service for 168 years. This is in connection with the resignations of key senior staff; most noticeably that of Rebekah Brooks and Sir Paul Stephenson (whom held posts of Chief Executive of News International and Commissioner of the Met Police respectively).

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