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Wednesday 21 July 2010

"Teach Me How To Pray"

AndYetTheyDeny has made posts earlier regarding the process of praying before ("How To Do Salah Prayer" and "How to perform wudu aka ablution"). We'd like to share with you an excellent video we came across. "Teach Me How To Pray" is made by Eddie Cruz; founder of The Deen Show ( - a project that helps explain everything Islam in a very simple and effective manner. From teaching about the divine book The Noble Qur'an; the lives of Allah's prophets and their missions of spreading His good word; to how Islam interacts in the modern world and how it can truly guide and improve one's life greatly - The Deen Show purely expresses the oneness of Allah; The God and how we should do our best to acknowledge and carry out His will to the best of our abilities.

Teach Me How To Pray explains the process of Wudu (physical cleansing) and Salat (ultimate submission to God through prayer and prostration) step by easy step. Please take the time to watch this video; it's truly a brilliant and educational piece - enjoy.

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