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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Sign Language Deciphered - Wings

This installment of Sign Language turns its focus to emblems and logos of a more feathery nature - yet as usual has its links and sources yet again to familiar essences. The above logos are winged, and like with aforementioned icons in past posts, they relate back to Ancient Egyptian rituals of Sun Worship, and in particular that of the mythical deity of Horus.

Born of an immaculate conception from his mother Isis, the Egyptians have various visual depictions of Horus, such as a lion to represent him being "The king of the jungle"; or in this case, as a supreme predator of the skies i.e. an eagle, hawk, falcon etc. Anthropomorphizations of Gods can be traced back even further to the times of Babylon with Ashur; the national deity of Assyria. Ashur is often symbolised as a man with wings, as a feather-robed archer on a horse, and having wheels for shoes amongst other expressions. The Bentley logo is an example of the Sun being winged; whereas the logo of the NHL team the Detroit Red Wings shows a wheel being empowered by wings - as a wheel is an inanimate symbolic example of Sun worship (for example, the now infamous swastika logo is also often referred to as a Sun wheel).

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