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Friday 5 February 2010

Prince Hall Who??? Black Freemasonry's Input Towards "The Great Work"

If you were asked the question "What does a freemason look like?"; what kind of image would be conjured up in your head...

Maybe this?

Or this?

How about this?

The above are what could be considered to be the archetypal visual perception of a freemason, or a group of masons. The NWO's networks of compartmentalized secret societies would love this sort of prejudice about what the profane (that's one of many descriptions the elite label us, the slaves) think of freemasonry to look like, let alone behave. But alas, in order for the satanists to reach their goal, the scope of initiates into occult groups has evolved.

Not only do freemasons look like those above, but they also look like this:

... and this...

... and they even have the audacity to leave their homes looking like this...

Oh dear.

That's right, the NWO is enlisting black people to play their part in "The Great Work"; the agenda of the Luciferian fascists and tyrants to heavily reduce the world population, with those remaining being under the total control of their superior masters.

Although much of The Great Work can be historically traced back to Ancient Egypt, and even before to the active times of the Babylonian era, black people haven't really been prominent amongst the freemasonic movement until the modern age. It's in the late Eighteenth Century with Prince Hall and his "fight" to gain similar if not equal rights in masonry for himself and his black brethren just as his white counterparts had indulged in.

As this article explains, there is to date there's no concrete evidence stating Prince Hall's date of birth or location of such, but various sources have linked a date of between 1735 & 1748; and being born in either Barbados or somewhere else within the British West Indies. Also amongst speculation is whether Prince Hall was ever a slave or if he was always a free man during his childhood and teenage years.

What is largely documented is Hall's adult life as a civil rights activist, fighting for black people to have liberties and freedoms just like the predominant whites in the newly-born United States of America. However things become murky again as to his participation in the American War of Independence. What is clear is that during this time Hall and fourteen others were initiated into the British-owned Lodge #441 in Boston, Massachusetts on March 1775; and then subsequently left in charge to run the Lodge once the British vacated after the War. It was not until 1784 when the then Prince Hall-run Lodge was given a warrant from the Grand Lodge of England to be named as the African Lodge #459, a Lodge that is officially recognised to carry out masonic work. Prince Hall became the first Grand Master of the African Lodge in May 1787. Since the African Lodge's inception; denomination groups began to pop up around the States, wanting affiliation to #459, but never truly gaining recognition as masonic entities.

To this day The brand of Prince Hall freemasonry has grown from strength to strength. The aforementioned article states; "Today, the Prince Hall fraternity has over 4,500 lodges worldwide, forming 44 independent jurisdictions with a membership of over 300,000 masons whereby any good hearted man who is worthy and well qualified, can seek more light in masonry."

Much like the CIA, FBI and other secret agencies; the world of freemasonry hires people of all varying demographics. Women, don't feel left out, as you too can join the gang (should you wish to sell your soul), and become a member of the Order of the Eastern Star - but that's a whole another story.

Unfortunately, Prince Hall was subject to surrendering true liberties and buckling to the allure of apparent limitless opportunity for "success". Don't be fooled by what freemasonry can offer you, stay true to yourself and be good to those around you - and in the end you will truly be rewarded.

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