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Saturday 20 February 2010

AYTD's "The Hit-List" Pt. 7

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (née Helena Von Hahn) (1831-1891)
- Co-founder of religious-based culture/belief system of Theosophy, and its spearhead organisation; The Theosophical Society. At the core of Theosophy is the belief that the Aryan race are the superior amongst all other human creeds; and are therefore the rightful inheritors to control and rule the earth over everyone else. Once conflicting religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism are eradicated can the One World "New Age" of social order can be truly practised.
- Writer; producing works such as The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled; as well as monthly journals The Theosophist and Lucifer.

Alice Ann Bailey (née Alice LaTrobe Bateman) (1880-1949)
- Writer and teacher of occult spiritualism
- Heavily influenced by the works of Blavatsky and the theory of Theosophy; Bailey's writings were more finely tuned towards the belief system of Luciferianism; doing all things to please the psuedo-God above all; Satan.
- Founder of the Lucifer Publishing Company in 1922; in which many of her concepts were distributed through.
- Most notable Bailey works include Initiation; Human and Solar, The Reappearance of Christ, and Letters on Occult Meditation.

Margaret Alice Murray (1863-1963)
- Historian and sociologist of magic Leo Ruickbie describes Murray as to have made the single greatest impact on the idea of Witchcraft in the Twentieth Century (from his book Witchcraft Out Of The Shadows)
- Firm believer in Witchcraft to be a form of devil-worship
- Major influence behind Gerald Gardner's form of Witchcraft, Wicca - whom was also behind occult groups The Golden Dawn and O.T.O (masterminded by Aleister Crowley) the Golden Dawn and the O
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