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Thursday 21 January 2010

Common Purpose; Freemasonry’s Second Cousin (Twice Removed)

"Common Purpose runs a number of leadership development courses for people at different stages in their career, as well as a range of customised courses and special events."

The above is the main ethos of Common Purpose; an independent body to government (but works alongside it) that is another tentacle of the NWO’s agenda. Via using the “control out of chaos” method Common Purpose (CP) plans to usher in the NWO’s ways of complete domination over the masses.

What is so toxic and harmful about Common Purpose is that is strives for a battle and confusion on making decisions, taking responsibility for actions. This is done through CP’s “Leading Beyond Authority” training technique in which its recruits are asked to ignore and undermine their bosses commands no matter how moral and ethical, and in turn to creating strategies of their own and influence fellow colleagues and peers. this interering is backed by Common Purpose's use of the Chatham House rule; where CP members are allowed to show anonymity for what they do and why, thus strengthening CP's "independent" status.

From the educational, health and police sectors to local and regional political representatives and members within the social services - Common Purpose has agents that have infiltrated many of isolated governmental departments known as Quangos. There are currently over 8,500 quangos that are in existence in the UK (of which over 1,100 are loosely linked to the major governmental departments). The roles they play (and thus Common Purpose’s) are so important to the infrastructure of society. As can be seen on this Guardian article, quangos are linked within all the UK government departments such as:

* Cabinet Office
* Defence
* Education and Skills
* Local Authorities
* Health
* Trade and Industry

The Common Purpose organisation isn’t just limited to the British Isles; the the UK column notes that it has 80,000 trainees in 36 cities, 30,000 graduate members. CP is truly inter-continental – running courses in Ghana, Turkey, India and South Africa, with over 3,000 members completing their training to further mess up governments.

AYTD is all for mediation of differing viewpoints in order to come to constructive outcomes for the benefit of everyone, but Common Purpose has cleverly veiled its techniques to cause the opposite; causing departments to be in disarray and in the end, having the general public feel the brunt of the commotion with sub-standard services.

On a side note, J.P. Stonehouse has an insight into the imagery of CP, as well as his interpretation of CP itself.

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