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Sunday 3 January 2010

As The World Turns, The Clocks Keep Ticking

General Reference site zFacts is an concise, no-nonsense mini-encyclopedia covering current world affairs. From climate change/ global warming to financially-related issues, zFacts brings up interesting insights into the way the United States is run; and the impact its national and intercontinental deals affect the world.

What's really gob-smackingly stunning is just how much certain strategies are costing financially; even though currencies like the Dollar are fiat-level status and nothing more than legal tender (i.e. is ultimately backed by and entwined with nothing of real substantial value - thus literally worth nothing), the numbers that are being totalled up as we speak is truly monumental. Below are just a few of the continuous clocks of cost attained;

Iraq War Cost


World CO2
since 1750 (cubic feet)

The Gross National Debt

Just staggering, right?... Be sure to check out zFacts for more info.

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