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Friday 6 November 2009

Is Beyonce Satanic? Even yahoo news is starting to ask questions...

Is Beyonce Satanic?

Posted Fri 6 Nov 2009 12:18PM GMT by Dave Rumour in Snap, Crackle and Pop
Yes, apparently. For those of us working under the assumption that the star is a rip-snorting, all-singing, all-dancing, bootylicious pop flan-flinger, it seems we should think again. There are more sinister forces at work here. That's the judgement of religious figures in Egypt, where the singer unveils her "I Am..." world tour tonight. Muslim leaders have reacted with fury to the prospect of the gig, which they believe is little more than an "insolent sex party".

"The government is trying to make people indulge in sin and licentiousness to cover up the other crimes it is committing against them", fumed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. "You are accused of disturbing social peace and stability, encouraging vice and debauchery", they ranted. But that's nothing on religious website who smashed the singer's claims of a devout background into another dimension. "Beyonce is NO Christian. She is satanic, serving the Devil", they insist. The former Destiny's Child icon has remained notably silent on the furore, having already been forced to pull a gig in Malaysia last month, after a concerted local protest.

A Facebook campaign against this latest show in the luxury Red Sea resort of Port Ghalib has collected almost 10,000 supporters, although some locals are probably more concerned about the damage to their wallet than their minds, given that tickets are $400 a pop and the average wage is $7 a month. But not everyone is opposed to the gig. Organiser Ahmed Beltagi insisted: "We are Muslims too...this will not stop Egypt from hosting an award-winning, first class artist. We should salute her instead of criticising her." Well, let's hope his more radical countrymen didn't see Beyonce's smokin' display at last night's MTV Awards, which, funnily enough, saw her dressed like she was off to a sex party...

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