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Thursday 5 November 2009

And yet they deny...that we are decieved...

The age of deception.

Its very clear that the end of the world is near as we live in the era of deception. Which the great prophet pbuh has prophesied. Prophecies that unfold themselves until this day we’re living, and yet we refuse to contemplate through them and neglect them, because we’re looking at life with the external eye the eye indulged in materialistic life.
How many dancing and singing academies are youths being recruited to, compared to how many Islamic education academies are youth being recruited to?
How many music, movies, poetry, tv series..etc are being memorized, in comparison to how many verses of quran and interpretation being memorized.
How fast is the process of disseminating discord among the muslims being achieved, in comparison to how fast the process of consolidating them is?
How many wars are erupting and bloodshed scattered in comparison to the life of harmony?

Slumber state we’re in embellished with the tools of deception (media).
The given equation was in December 08 the outcome was 1400 deaths aside from the surviving victims with amputations. What was done?
A question thats has been living ever since...what was done, and will still live what will be done?

As the sun shines again and the curtains reveal a new year, the evil doers wash the blood off their hands preparing for more...this time in abundance.

Fast forward….don’t be surprised as time passes by things get worst. That black smoke suffocating a whole nation, now disperses them to control their holiest sacred sites, demolish them and built its so called "promised empire". An empire that is anticipated to rule the whole world.

Line up your dominos and then push the first one over… you’ll see them all Fall down. That’s how our history has been. The Falling Nations, one after another we fell and still are falling.

How will we stand on our feet after what has happened to us?
A vague question that we'll never answer, because we're deceived

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