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Friday 18 December 2009

Is the ITV Network Promoting Promiscuity?

"Mister Eleven" is a two-part romantic drama starring Michelle Ryan (Zoe Slater from Eastenders; Bionic Woman fame) who plays as Saz Paley; a woman obsessed with getting hitched to the man of her dreams. She's heard of a particular statistic in which the average UK woman marries the eleventh man she's slept with. She has intentions of marrying Dan, thinking that he's her "magical" 11th conquest - but Dan reveals to Saz on their wedding day that they didn't actually do the deed - but rather that Saz passed out on the night of the supposed event.

The concluding part of Mister Eleven is broadcast tonight at the post-watershed time of 9pm on ITV1; ensuring the channel's responsible attitude to broadcasting adult content at an appropriate time; yeah... Oh Dear.

And Yet They Deny.

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