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Monday 21 December 2009

Alex Jones Breaks Down Obama's Copenhagen Speech (Part 1 of 3)

Below is an excellent deconstruction by Alex Jones of US President Barack Obama's speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the speech in Obama is pushing forward the argument that the amounts of carbon that we as humans produce is the main factor behind the change of the planet's environment - in particular that our carbon emissions are causing more natural disasters to occur and more unbalanced weather cycles. He says that it is scientifically proven that we are the primary cause of climate change, and that the UN is ready to undertake plans to save Mother Nature before its too late.

Underlying what the UN wants to do is to introduce a taxation of carbon emissions - this will dramatically effect us all as carbon is embedded in everything we do to survive. From the food we eat, to the transportation we use, to the energy we use to heat up our homes and power our domestic appliances - the NWO-created UN is seeking to further loot the people, for literally living. If they could find a feasible way to get us to be taxed on breathing out the carbon dioxide we emit they'd be working overtime to get the measures into place as soon as possible.

In brief; the Sun goes through natural cycles in its life where it radiates more or less sunlight and heat thus effecting the climate differences we experience. Yes; what we do does play a part but its truly insignificant compared to the participation of the Sun. Think about this - what would the Earth better cope without; humans or the SUN? Rather than tell the truth of the Sun being the real reason behind climate change, the NWO is using the environmental arm of its arsenal to further its agenda of ruling the world and totally controlling everything that happens within it.

The remaining parts of this exercise can be seen on Alex Jones' Youtube page - but for now enjoy this first part teaser, here at AYTD.

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  1. At last-someone who has seen common sense and realised that global warming is a hoax!!! Who falls for this s**t?? oh...i forgot...the 90% sheeple population!!!!

    Obama-i love another lifetime maybe??!!