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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Uniform For The Sheeple - Year Of The Snake Footwear

The Uniform For The Sheeple series exposes a dehumanizing process where clothing filled with negatively connotative language such as various signs, logos, colours, prints, textures and text amongst other factors are deceptively made to appear as cool and fashionable. This edition highlights the animalistic aspect, allowing the consumer to adopt primal characteristics and traits (whether blatant or subliminal) of the species replicated within the donned attire. These survivalist and selfish tendencies can interfere with, and perhaps takeover from those more charitable which us humans are capable of expressing.

The Chinese New Year has become a great opportunity for clothing companies to use this event to further boost their own profit margins. Although its an annual celebration, with 2013 being the year of the snake, the major footwear firms have come out in the fullest force to date displaying their commemorative offerings for the public to gobble up, despite an ongoing global recession [depression].

Anyhoo, hiss... oops; here's, an ever-so sssssssssscrumptious sssssssselection of the deliciously tempting contributions for us to buy and take pictures of on tumblr - Sssssssssaluté!

Source: Hypebeast.

Source: Hypebeast.

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