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Monday 1 August 2011

"Peekaboo; Eye See YOU!!" - W Alec - "Son Of Perdition" (from the Chronicles of Brothers series)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride... The First Seal of Revelation is Broken. The Angelic Portals are opened. The End of Days has begun...

It is 1981. Thirteen ruling families of the Illuminati gather in the city of London. Thirteen ruling warlock high priests. Their goal- a new world order. Lucifer's Dark Cabal Wizards ascend from the Crypts of Nagor, led by the two-headed twin wizards of Maleficium, his evil superscientists. They ride the Arc of the North Wind straight to Lucifer's Ice Citadel in Gehenna. They have one diabolical intention. To release Lucifer's genome from the Sarcophagus of the Furies. To create his clone. The Seed of the Serpent.

Forty years pass. It is the year 2021. Three brothers- Jason, Adrian and Nick De Vere- media tycoon, President of the European Union and Archaeologist Playboy, rise in the world of men. The third world war has just ended. THe Ishtar accord- a seven year denuclearisation treaty between Russia, the Pan Arab Union and Israel, will be signed on January 7th 2022. A UN peacekeeping force occupies temple mount and Israel's boundaries. Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt in the Northern Quadrant. The Ark of the Covenant is discovered. Now the Son of Perdition comes forth to rule...

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