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Tuesday 21 December 2010

"Clueless"; by Mohe Zhes

This is a face you certainly do not want to experience; for when you carry out this gesture you will notice that the Day of Resurrection has begun, and it's too late to ask for forgiveness for not following the One true God's word to the best of your abilities.

Want to avoid ending up looking this way? Buying all the L'Oreal and Max Factor products from your local Boots store isn't the answer - rather turn your attention to the divine book, The Qur'an - it has all that you need to ensure that you have not just healthy skin, but a clean soul.

For more exquisite artwork like this; please visit ZHES CIRCLE.

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  1. Thanks for the interest guys, Im really feeling this blog, your posts are really deep! It gives us all something to think about, alot to think about in fact. Keep the knowledge coming, it's needed in this day n age.