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Tuesday 23 November 2010

AYTD Public Service Announcement - A Reminder

AndYetTheyDeny thought now would be a great time to remind those [both long-time readers and new alike] of an overall summary of what this blog is about.

We certainly do not want to disrupt your living habits; or have you magnifying every aspect of your day-to-day life to the point of excessiveness and paranoia. Love, respect and kindness to oneself and to others are core aspects that lead to a living a positive, fulfilling and happy life. What we aim to do is to let you know that we have a strong belief that all these things come from one source; that being from the one true God. It is He that has created everything; this means good and bad. We want to let as many out there as possible know that He loves each and every one of you very much - however there are forces out there that not only want to separate the special bond between you and Him, but to instead wipe out all existence of His being and instead replace His way of living with their own twisted and sinister system. Joy, liberty and generosity will be exchanged for pain, domination and neglect.

We are sincerely pleading with all our hearts to you all, to please keep the goodness of God within your own spirits, by showing it in everything that you do. This will give you the best protection possible against that which is trying to deceive you, thus sending you down a path to the direct opposite of all which is good.

As mentioned before; God loves you - we just ask that you remember Him.

Now; on with the show.

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