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Saturday 4 September 2010

"KFC Forced To Ditch Halal-Only Menus After Disappointing Sales"

KFC has scrapped its policy of serving halal food only in some of its takeaways, following customer protests.

One hundred of the fast food chain's restaurants removed non-halal items from their menus last year in an attempt to attract Muslim customers.

But thousands of regular customers complained, including Alan Phillips, who was furious when the Burton-on-Trent branch refused to serve him his favourite Big Daddy chicken burger with bacon and cheese topping.

(Trial: This KFC in Burton-on-Trent is one of five reverting to the old non-halal menu after poor sales)

He was told it was forbidden to keep bacon on the same premises as halal meat and he would have to travel five miles to the nearest non-halal restaurant.

Now KFC has admitted five of its outlets - including Burton - are reverting to standard menus following poor sales.

Another that will drop the trial halal menu is the Colne takeaway in Burnley, Lancashire, where thousands of people joined a Facebook group called No Halal at Colne KFC.

Takeaways at: Accrington, Lancashire, Old Kent Road, London, and Hyde Road, Manchester, as well as Burton and Colne, will revert to full menus on 19 July.

A spokesperson for KFC blamed low demand. He said: 'We introduced our trial in areas where we expected a large demand for halal restaurants, and as with any trial, we continually evaluate results, and adapt as necessary.

'There are always areas which are more successful than others, and despite positive feedback, a few stores haven't met our forecasts, so for that reason, we have decided to stop trialling halal in five restaurants as of 19th July.

'We are continuing our trial in other areas and are still offering halal in 96 restaurants, and will review the trial over the coming months.'

Around 100 of KFC's 750 outlets in the UK have been included in halal trial, launched last April.

All pork products are forbidden by Muslim law, so participating outlets have to take them off the menu.

In March, Mr Phillips, who was refused a Big Daddy Burger in Burton, said the policy was 'extremely unfair' on non-Muslim customers.

He said: 'It was like they were saying I couldn't buy bacon because it might offend people.

(Banned: The Big Daddy was taken off the menu at KFC branches participating in the halal trial)

I have many friends who are black, white and Muslim but they wouldn't be forced to eat non-halal meat.

'I have no problem with them selling halal meat, but I would like the choice.'

Halal meat is prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws which mean the animal must be slaughtered by hand and blessed in the name of Allah.

The Burton store was originally chosen to take part in the trial because of the town's high Muslim population.

The fast food chain insisted it was using exactly the same ingredients as before, except for taking pork off the menu, and that its chickens had been slaughtered humanely.

But KFC fans across the country called for a boycott, saying they wanted a choice in what they ate.

Leaflets made available to customers at Burton's branch explained the old menu was to return because the trial 'has not met our expectations'.

It went on: 'For that reason, we have decided to stop trialling Halal in this restaurant with effect from July 19.' The store added that its decision was based 'solely on sales data'.



  1. I would think that KFC branch would go bankrupt in the near future, considering the high Muslim population in the area. Only my opinion though.
    three mifi

  2. Poor sales are more likely to do with the fact Muslims learnt that their chicken was stunned!! A lot of people don't think that when you stun chickens - and some of them die in the process - that you can label the result as 'halal'. FALSE ADVERTISING KFC!! :(