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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hashem's Studios Is Here.

Being amongst the current epicentre of campaigns to spread the awareness of God and the evil forces that try to extinguish his message, film-maker Abdullah Hashem's delivery of dawah through the internet has reached millions worldwide, opening up hearts and minds and allowing the light of God to shine brightly.

Together with his brother AbdelRahman, Abdullah (pictured above, far left) produced early titles Little Claudy and Prophets of Gods in 2005 and 2006 respectively, but it was the following epic documentary in which the Hashem brothers caught the attention of a vast audience along with critical acclaim. The Antichrist Dajjal Series (aka TADS) aimed to expose the age-old ambitions of the corrupt so-called "elite" (from the political to the Royal to the business and corporate alike) to gain control of the world in every aspect imaginable - and TADS achieved this in a thorough and comprehensive manner. The documentary's success is largely due to connecting with the internet-savvy youth with its content; endlessly giving contemporary examples of how these evil forces wish to separate your soul from God in order to control your being outright. This is done whilst historically linking this same process back to Ancient Egyptian rituals and beyond. You can see parts 1 to 280 over at to0omy1's page over at Dailymotion.

Broadcast over various internet outlets, there were constant attempts to censor TADS, and even shut it down from being viewable, yet it had already made an impact - with forums and blogs buzzing over the revelations the doc had contained within it. Abdullah oversaw the subsequent documentary The Arrivals (produced by Noreaga, Achenahr - their work including The Arrivals can be seen over at which gave the added benefit of explaining the nature of Islam mainly to non-believers and those that don't know much about the religion itself. After TADS; Hashem released 13 Masonic Secrets and Age Of Appearance both also receiving positive critical acclaim.

Having been on a www. hiatus for over 18 months; Abdullah Hashem has returned. Under the Hashem's Studios moniker; the brothers are currently publishing their new documentary The Antichrist Dajjal Series (TADS): The 2nd Semester. It has picked up where the original left off; bringing to you more information about the wicked agenda the globalists (under the influence of their false god) are carrying out. Here's a clip from TADS 2nd Semester:

AYTD pays extreme thanks and gratitude to the work of Abdullah Hashem; and prays that [with the grace of God] he is able to finish this series and continue to do his duty in spreading God's good word.



    Dappy from n-dubz

  2. Sadly, TADS 2 is NOT like TADS 1. Apparently Abdullah joined a cult, following some guy named Ahmed Ismail Gata who claims to be Ahmed Hassan al-Yamani, the awaited "Yamani" of Shia belief. However, after just a little research it's obvious that it's a cult, and poor Abdullah has been suckered in to it.

    1. and he goes into Point of No Return, something which makes me stop following him

  3. I appreciate Abullah Hashem's works. His works inspired me and brought a change inside me. Look brothers and sister, doing something good and truth in this satanic era is a very very tough job. When, someone like Hashem comes and tries to wake up not only muslims but all human being is not a simple work so therefore he should be appreciated and encouraged. I wish him more and more success in his life.

  4. Assalaamu Alayum wr wb and all praise is due to Allaah Lord of the word for showing us his light and his true path Ahmmad Al Hassan as
    Allaahuma salli Alaa Mohammad wa ala Aali mohammad Al Aimma wa Al Mahdiyeena wa Sallim
    Tasleeman Katheeran ....
    Good work, Shokran to you

  5. Abdullah Hashem's works makes me enlightened and I makes my Massive Crossover Project where subject matter there are from researching with his works

  6. Anyone know where he is now?