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Tuesday 20 April 2010

NLE '10 To Coincide With Possible False Flag US Domestic Nuclear Attack?

NLE (National Level Exercise) is an annual event carried out by the US government's homeland security department of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Formerly known as the Top Officials exercise series or TOPOFF, NLE is the main part of FEMA's NEP (National Exercise Programme) and is designed as a collection of tests to see how well FEMA's and regular state services deal with extraordinary scenarios such as full-blown terrorist attacks or a large-scale natural disaster. These drills take place of either a live or simulation nature. It may seem as though all sounds well on the surface - as they are doing all they can to be as prepared as possible to cope with unforseen circumstances of epic proportions...

Unfortunately; more times than not many of the event(s) inflicted upon us are far from "unforseen", and the drills that are carried out in response to the catastrophe certainly do not have our interests at heart. On the contrary, the event(s) caused in the first place are done by the NWO themselves, blamed upon some other party (or if possible, on us the people) as a preface to then put parameters into place to either gain total control over those "guilty", or extermination thereof completely. Following are two instances where a false flag attack happened at the same time and location as when a drill/exercise was scheduled to happen also:

9/11 WTC Attack; New York 2001 (Consequence; OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) involving war and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 and 2003 to present respectively/ Introduction of the USA Patriot Act; 2001)

Vigilant Guardian - LIVE DRILL to deal with the handling of multiple commercial airplanes that had been hijacked by terrorists. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) were both involved in this exercise; but NORAD in particular was strangely idle when the actual 9/11 attacks occured. Standard operating procedure of both FAA & NORAD dictates that once an aircraft is off course and/or its transponder is not responding, within 10 minutes Air Force jets are scrambled to re-establish physical contact with the wayward plane.

Northern Vigilance - LIVE DRILL where US fighter jets are deployed to Alaska and Northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian Arctic and North Pacific Ocean, scheduled for September 10 to September 14. The Russian exercise involves its bombers staging a mock attack against NATO planes that are supposedly planning an assault on Russia. (Source: History Commons). The deployment of the fighter jets leaves the mainland US airspace with a severly depleted amount of aircraft to monitor any unusual acitivity in the air - just like that of 9/11.

CIA / NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) "Plane Into Building" Exercise - SIMULATION DRILL where a hijacked plane crashes into the NRO headquarters in Virginia at a time when the hijackers know that US air defence is in a vulnerable state. As, mentioned, this drill was a simulation, so no plane crashed into the NRO HQ, but a major evacuation exercise took place as if such an event did happen - this was on the morning of 9/11.

7/7 Bombings; London 2005 (Consequence: 42 days detention without charge/ monumental push for ID Cards)

Mock Terror Drill - LIVE DRILL carried out by Visor Consultants on behalf of the UK government to organise and carry out a drill in response to a scenario where multiple simultaneous explosions across the London Transport network occur. This drill was carried out on... July 7th 2005./

Last year's exercise, NLE '09 was a drill on the premise that a terrorist attack of some sort happens outside of the United States - NLE '09 plays out in order to prevent or best deal with additional events from happening within the United States. Being Active between July 27-31, NLE '09 was conducted in Canada, the UK and Australia as well as in the US itself. NLE '09 was a simulation drill. Will NLE '10 be simulation, or live i.e. in the form of a false flag attack?

The concept behind NLE '10 is the following:
Scenario: An improvised nuclear device detonation in a major US city. This is a “domestic terrorism” focused drill.

Posted on LabVirus, the NLE's Drill Report states that FEMA Region 8 (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah) and FEMA Region 9 (California, Nevada, Arizona) and the National Capital Region are the places where FEMA is going to carry out their drills. FEMA had initially wanted their exercise to take place in Las Vegas, however, recent political pressure has led to the exercise being “scaled back”, and all official information regarding NLE '10 has been removed from FEMA's website. The overview of NLE '10 can be seen over at Public Intelligence.

The level of secrecy surrounding the current status of NLE '10 has led to much speculation as to whether it could be used in conjuntion with a false flag attack that mirrors or is similar to the scenario envisaged. With Bill Clinton associating the Oklahoma City Bombing to the disapproval of the Obama administration by the peaceful Tea Party movement - and Barry Soetoro himself declaring that the biggest threat to US security is the possibility of a terrorist organisation obtaining a nuclear weapon can lead one to believe that NLE '10 could be a fitting occasion for such a catastrophe to happen at that same time. This is not to say that an actual false flag attack at NLE '10 is certain - far from it; nevertheless there is always a possibility of something of this nature to occur simultaneously with a large-scale drill/ exercise.

National Level Exercise '10; May 17-21 2010.

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