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Thursday 5 November 2009

Oh No!! Its The End of the World, And We're All Going To Die --- DIEEEEEEE!!! *sobs*

But wait - writer and part-time limousine driver Jackson Curtis is here to save the day..............................................and help bring the goals of the New World Order's monumental agenda many steps closer to being realised. Produced by Columbia Pictures Studios, AYTD brings to you Hollywood's propaganda public service announcement #3434784957424.

Oh my bad; I meant - here's the trailer to 2012; released on Friday 13th November 2009.

John Cusack plays the protagonist Curtis; who embarks on a journey to ensure the survival of the Human race after coming to the conclusion that there must be more than a coincidence of mass suicides within the ancient Mayan Tribe in Central America with the "natural disasters" taking place in his residence of Los Angeles. Following soon after this catastrophes are happening all over the planet; everyone is in a frenzy and want some sort of action to be taken by their governments. Curtis ends up being amongst the presence of the President of the United States and his administration, and together they pull out all the stops to see that we don't become an extinct race.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaad Blessssss Amuuurricuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!! No.

This feature film is another attempt by the NWO's media department of indoctrinating the people into further embracing our already epileptic state of fear - by anticipating all sorts of events in which we'd then want the people in charge to deal with them. We're supposed to have trust in those that run our nations and feel that they have our interests at heart as best as feasible; but unfortunately amongst their core interests is to have you under complete control, having total domination over our lives.

On the flipside - the movie intentionally gives disinformation about the Mayan people and their prophecies, in hope that the viewer is content in oblivious darkness and off-track from the truth. The Mayans don't believe that 2012 will present the end of the world as we know it - but rather that this period of time signifies the end of their current Mayan calendar and the beginning of the new one. The Mayans believe that each of their calendar years represents an advancement of us realising ourselves as a whole single consciousness - that we become more in-tune with ourselves spiritually, obtain more detailed knowledge about the Universe and all that's in it. Each Mayan calendar year passes over faster and faster and we become more apparent of ourselves as a consequence.

The New World Order is doing its very best to stifle us from becoming together, loving each other and living in positive unity (as is God's will) so that it can take place of the Master and pursue to carry out what it wishes. However its not all doom and gloom; for it was predicted 1400 years ago that those on the opposing side to God will undeniably be the losers, and as much as the negative forces try to get their way; they will be the ones to fall and attain extinction.

For more information about the Mayans and 2012; please visit this site.

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  1. Great writing piece. That film looks absurd, and your so right, it's only so they can condition us! Like you said it had been pridicted 1400 years ago...AND YET THEY STILL DENY! Your the best! Take care, Cornell.