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Friday 20 November 2009

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"...

The above is a quote from one of the fashion industry's most influential people in the world at the moment - British supermodel Kate Moss. She's doing her duty to THESYSTEM by using her deity-esque "role model" status to manipulate the minds of many impressionable teenage girls into thinking that through hardcore starvation in order to get that "aspirational" size zero figure, it will give ultimate happiness, acceptance and perhaps even fame within society. Either achieve that or face being known as the outcast/outsider, and be subject to bullying and other relating peer pressure techniques from "everyone".

The combination of strong messages from people in powerful positions as well as the unrelenting nature of the media bombarding us with magazines and television programmes dictating how we should look and dress provide an extremely forceful plan with severe intentional undertones of eugenics - to have us strive to attain a level of acknowledgement and be labelled "fit" from THESYSTEM, and in essence; be under their complete dominance.

It's a shame that so many girls are falling into this emotional and psychological trap and become victims of eating disorders. In a way its not surprising as THESYSTEM is trying so hard to get you to play the game of The Pursuit of Happiness: Fashion Edition. However; you're already naturally beautiful, and even cool - ESPECIALLY when you're being yourself. What's more exclusive than the unique person that you are? If you begin to spend just a bit of time just communicating with God (it doesn't take much at all; you can just think thoughts in your head and He'll receive them straight away) - He will show you just how gorgeous and full of light you were all along.

(For the sake of referencing; the interview where Moss made the quote can be viewed in its entirety here.)

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  1. So glad you posted the interview in full - talk about speak before you think! It's this type of thing that makes me scared for the next generation - it is only getting worse. The signs are so obvious - and yet they deny!! So true...