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Thursday 5 November 2009

And Yet They Deny Presents: "Qur'an Quote" #3

"If any one does evil or wrongs his own soul but afterwards seeks Allah's forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful"

(Surah 4; An-Nisa [The Women], verse 106)

What a beautiful verse...

God [Allah] loves you so very much; more than you can ever imagine. He is the creator of all things; what He brings forth, He can take back - As He can do as He wills with ease. He is unseen to the human physical senses - but clear to our inner spirits and a heart full of light. His love for us so strong that He has given us free will; in hope that through faith we can establish and develop a relationship with Him on earth. Many of us are doing so; whilst others have gone astray and have gone through various hardships. However its never too late, God's opening hours are non-stop - and He is always there for you even when it may not seem apparent.

The Divine book, the Noble Qur'an says that whether one believes in God or not; there will be a time; The Day of Judgement/Resurrection when we will all come before God and be reminded of what we have done during our lifetime here. By doing good deeds and recognising God as our Creator will we stand the best chance of experiencing true peace and happiness with Him forever.

You may not be a believer yourself; but And Yet The Deny hopes that you stay and enjoy your journey with us; may peace be with you.

Now onwards with the blog...

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  1. The interpretation is superb-i love the fact that there was a follow up to the quranic quote!